Apex Legends players extremely disappointed with next-gen upgrade

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends next-gen disappointment

The Apex Legends next-gen upgrade has finally been released, giving those on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S a version of the game that takes advantage of the new hardware. Unfortunately, many in the community have been left disappointed with the upgrade.

With the Apex Legends Warriors Collection Event, players were given a bunch of new content such as the Bangalore Chronicles quest, a new Event Tracker with free rewards, and even a next-gen upgrade for those on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While players had been looking forward to this, surprisingly, the next-gen version of Apex Legends hasn’t impressed many players in the community, and here’s why.

wattson looking at ps5 and xbox series x

The next-gen version of Apex Legends brought a fair few upgrades to the game, including 4K output and HDR.

While these are definitely upgrades, some players on the Apex Legends subreddit are claiming that the game actually looks worse to them:

“Overall pointless update, it made my game look worse. Everything’s white and all washed so I have to turn the brightness down to compensate. Now colours look worse and everything’s dark meanwhile 4K added literally nothing to the visuals.”

Further, one of the most anticipated additions for the next-gen versions of Apex Legends is 120hz, or 120 frames per second (FPS). Players were extremely disappointed once they found out that this would not be available with the March 29 updates:

“I’m glad they tried. But until next gen gets 120hz support nothing is really noticeable. Once we get 120hz support we’ll notice that.”

The upgrade from 60hz to 120hz will be the most noticeable difference when it comes to comparing the two versions of Apex Legends, so it’s sad to not see it included with the initial release.

The devs have insisted that the feature will arrive in a future update for the next-gen version of Apex Legends, but for those who didn’t read the patch notes, it definitely would have been a big disappointment.

Hopefully, the devs can fix a lot of these issues and update the next-gen version as soon as possible to implement features like 120hz and also prevent players’ settings from being reset, which is another aspect of the next-gen version that’s causing discontent.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment