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Apex Legends devs revert unintentional secret Rampart buff

The Apex Legends Warriors Collection Event brought a major change to Rampart’s Ultimate that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.



Apex Legends Rampart

The Apex Legends Warriors Collection brought a secret buff to Rampart’s Mobile Minigun “Sheila” that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes for the event, which the devs have now reverted.

The Warriors Collection Event has brought plenty of changes in Apex Legends Season 12, including an Heirloom for Crypto, new cosmetics, the long-awaited return of the Control LTM, and next-gen upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game.

However, the new update also brought some unexpected changes to the abilities of the character Rampart. This Legend’s Ultimate received a shadow buff that isn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

Rampart in Apex Legends

According to notable data miner ‘Shrugtal,’ the charge-up time of Rampart’s Sheila minigun was decreased by 30%, bringing it down from 1.75 seconds to 1.25 seconds. This change wasn’t applied to the turret variant of her Apex Legends Ultimate ability.

This ends up making the Ultimate ability noticeably more powerful as Rampart players can now fire the weapon more rapidly. Since the weapon dishes out a large amount of damage, this buff lets the Legend take enemies down insanely fast.

The wind-up time is meant to make the minigun less effective at close quarters, and this secret buff was described by Shrugtal as “nutty” for how much of a difference it makes in combat situations.

Rampart currently has the lowest pick rate of any Legend in the battle royale title, so this kind of change may result in more players selecting her. Additionally, the update also brought a small damage buff to the Shatter Caps for the Bocek Bow weapon.

However, it seems that these changes might have been unintentional, as Respawn have now released a hotfix addressing the shadow buff, reverting it back to its pre-update state.

While removing the Ultimate buff may disappoint players who were looking to try it out, it’s clear that the developers found that this change made the character too overpowered, and was also unintentional.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment