Apex Legends player claims Rampage should be Care Packaged after finding new exploit

apex legends rampage charging up

Yet another Rampage exploit has been found in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, as Season 12 players discover a glitch that allows them to swap weapons faster.

Amongst all the crazy leaks that have been taking the Apex community by storm, including the released footage of 9 unreleased Legends, a new BR map, and Valkyrie’s Heirloom, new exploits are still being found for the Rampage.

The Rampage has had a lot of issues with exploits in recent seasons, mostly because of the charge mechanic that comes along with the weapon.

Now, In Season 12, there’s yet another exploit, and it also involves the weapon’s thermite charge up animation.

apex legends season 10 rampartRespawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, the speed at which a player can achieve certain actions can be the difference between life and death. When there’s an exploit that can increase the speed of changing your weapon unfairly, this can be detrimental to the player experience.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what Reddit user RossBobSquirrel has found with the Rampage in Season 12. The LMG is known for having exploits, even being taken out of the game for some time so that the devs could fix the weapon in Season 11.

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The new glitch is allowing players to switch their weapons extremely fast by activating the Rampage’s charge up animation then quickly canceling it by swapping weapons.

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It’s unclear how often players will be seeing this exploit, or if it’s easy to perform, but regardless the weapon clearly needs some more work as exploits are continuously being found.

Some even feel that the weapon should now be put in the Care Package fully charged up, just to prevent any more exploits with the weapon: “it needs to get fixed – honestly, these weapons should move to the Care Package fully charged. Drop the G7 and Spitfire back to ground loot”

Hopefully, the devs can solve this issue and prevent the Rampage from having any more bugs in the future, as it is starting to become hated among the community with players even commenting “just delete the gun already.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment