Apex Legends player finds perfect secret room to bamboozle enemies

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends market loba sillouhette

A secret room has been found on the Kings Canyon Apex Legends battle royale map that will have your enemies absolutely bamboozled as to how you got there.

Apex Legends is full of surprises, just this week players found out that the new Season 13 Legend was actually Bangalore’s long-lost brother, Jackson, and now players have found a secret room.

There are many great hiding spots in Apex Legends that you may find yourself in when it comes to a dire situation, especially when ratting it out for RP in Ranked Leagues.

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Having said that, one player has found an unbelievable secret room in Kings Canyon that is the perfect spot for some peace and quiet.

apex legends kings canyon

Reddit user RossBobSquirrel is responsible for finding the spot on the Apex Legends’ battle royale map, Kings Canyon.

Those players who are familiar with the Kings Canyon map may recognize where this secret room is located, as it’s a pretty popular POI. The secret room can be found in Market, and only one Legend is actually able to get in there.

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In order to get in the secret room, players must be the support Legend Loba, whose tactical is currently the only known way to get in the room.

Loba’s Tactical ability is called Burgular’s Best Friend, which is a bracelet that allows her to teleport to where it is thrown. Ultimately, throwing this bracelet throw a small gap in one of Market’s blocked-off rooms actually allows Loba to get in.

While you can’t actually do much in this room, it is a nice safe place to escape from enemies and loot up from Loba’s Black Market Ultimate ability safely. You can also shoot through the corrugated barricade that blocks the entrance to this room, so watch out for players trying to catch you out.

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This was no doubt overlooked by the devs and an area that players should not be able to get to. With Season 13 coming up, we’re not sure if this will get patched. However, for now, players can get into this secret room, fooling their friends and enemies who are in Market.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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