How to fix Apex Legends ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error

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The ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error has been plaguing Apex Legends players, and here are all the solutions that you can use to get around this problem.

Apex Legends players have dealt with their fair share of error messages that pop up and prevent them from enjoying the game, with notable examples being the Code 429 error and “Party not ready” error.

Another frustrating issue being faced by the Apex Legends community is the ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error message, and we’ll go over all the ways that you can fix this problem.

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How to fix Apex Legends ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error

When attempting to log in to Apex Legends, you might encounter a loading screen with the message: “There is a problem processing game logic. Please try again.” This will prevent you from joining a lobby.

While this Apex Legends error message can be irritating, there are a few workarounds that have proven successful in getting rid of it. Some of these solutions are simpler than others, and we’ll cover them all.

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Restart Apex Legends or your console

The first solution that you should try is to close the Apex Legends application before turning it back on. Restarting the game should ensure that you no longer encounter this issue when hopping into a match.

If you still see the ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error message pop up after logging into the game, then you can also try restarting your console. This solution has proven successful with players in the past.

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Check for Apex Legends updates

This error might also appear if you are currently not playing Apex Legends with the latest patch installed. So, you’ll need to check if there are any pending updates to download onto your system.

While the game hits console players with a notification about pending updates, you can still try checking the Apex Legends page in the store. On PC the Origin launcher automatically downloads updates but Steam requires you to check for them.

Here’s how to check for updates on Steam:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Visit your Library
  3. Select Apex Legends
  4. Click the Update button if it’s there
  5. Wait for the update to finish downloading
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Log in to another Apex Legends account

Some Apex Legends players have reported that logging into a different account and then switching back to their primary account got rid of the ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error message.

If you have a spare account then you can try this solution and see if the error message persists. Otherwise, you can create another Apex Legends account to switch to before logging back into your main one.

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Delete your Apex Legends data

If none of these solutions have been successful then you may need to delete your Apex Legends data on your platform. The methods for getting this done vary from platform to platform.

Here’s how to delete your Apex Legends data on PlayStation consoles:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Application Saved Data Management
  3. Open System Storage
  4. Select Apex Legends
  5. Pick all of the save files and select delete
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Here’s how to do this on Xbox consoles:

  1. Go to Home
  2. Select My games & apps.
  3. Highlight Apex Legends and press the Menu button
  4. Select Manage game & add-ons
  5. Scroll down to saved data
  6. Select your Apex Legends saved data
  7. Confirm deletion of your Apex Legends data
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That covers all the ways to get rid of the Apex Legends ‘Problem Processing Game Logic’ error message. Hopefully, one of these solutions will resolve the problem, and you’ll be able to enjoy playing the game.

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