What is Apex Legends’ Flashpoint LTM?

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends flashpoint ltm

Apex Legends has a lot of modes for players to enjoy, from the standard battle royale to Arenas and LTMs. Flashpoint is an LTM in Apex Legends that has returned a few times now, but for those unaware, let’s get into the details of how it plays.

Apex Legends already has an abundance of modes to dive into. As well as being able to practice and 1v1 with friends in the Firing Range, players can also enjoy the standard battle royale mode, Ranked Leagues, and even Arenas.

As well as all this, Respawn also throws in a few LTMs every now and then. Season 12 saw Control introduced as an LTM, which became very popular. Now, with the Unshackled Event, a classic Apex LTM is returning.

Let’s get into everything there is to know about the Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM.

What is Apex Legends Flashpoint?

apex legends flashpoint ltm

Flashpoint is an LTM in Apex Legends which sees all healable items removed from the game’s loot pool. Instead, players must reach “Flashpoint Zones,” which look like huge blue domes of energy on the map.

Within these domes, players will regenerate health and shields over time, but as this is the only way to do so in this mode, you may have to put up a fight in order to survive and heal up.

There are multiple Flashpoint zones on the map, so perhaps it’s best to relocate if one is too busy. Further, the ring in this mode will also constantly close, giving players no time to waste as the circle rolls in.

When is Flashpoint available?

apex legends flashpoint olympus

Flashpoint will be available for players to enjoy when the Unshackled Event drops on April 19. The mode will be playable for two weeks until the event ends on May 3.

According to the EA blog, there will only be one map available for this LTM, which is Olympus. If players wish to play another mode or map, this is just an LTM and all the other modes usually available will still be there for players.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment