Apex Legends Market Crossover: Skins, end date & more

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Apex Legends new Bloodhound skin

Apex Legends’ new collab with LA-based street brand Market has officially been released. Here are all the details on the collab, including the skins and the limited time they will be available.

Although the collaboration between Apex Legends and Market was meant to happen months ago, it has finally arrived after the LA company rebranded in response to the Stop Asain Hate movement.

Players have been waiting for these skins to drop as leaks showing off the styles went public, and now they finally have the option to purchase them in Season 11.

apex legends market collab

When is the Apex Legends Market crossover?

The Apex Legends Market crossover is available November 9, 10 AM PST on the “Specials” tab of the Store.

There will be both bundles and skins available in the store for a limited time, with the Market collab ending on November 23.


Apex Legends Market skins

Although there was an initial bug with the drop, preventing the skins from actually showing up in the store, everything seems to be fixed now and players can finally view the skins and bundles available in the collab.

The Legends who have received a skin for this collab include Wraith, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Mirage, and Lifeline.

You can take a look at each of them below.

Lifeline – Mic Check

Lifeline’s skin features a 90s streetwear aesthetic, with the Legendary skin costing 1,800 Apex Coins.

The bundle for Mic Check features:

  • Lifeline skin (Legendary) – Mic Check
  • G7 Scout skin (Legendary) – Regal Spike
  • Legendary Weapon Charm – Bobblehead Lifeline
  • Epic Emote – Bust a Move

Gibraltar – Booming System

Gibraltar’s skin follows this 90s trend, as his armor becomes a speaker and his shield a mixing desk. Unlike the other skins, this one can only be purchased in the bundle, which costs 2,500 Apex Coins.

The bundle for Booming System is slightly smaller than the others, containing only one other item apart from the skin:

  • Legendary Gibraltar skin – Booming System
  • Legendary R-99 skin – Beat Dropper

Wraith – Ringside

Next, we have Wraith, whose skin Ringside shows off her predatory instinct with the Cheetah pattern and boxing attire. The skin costs 1,800 Apex Coins, while the bundle comes in at 3,950.

The Ringside bundle features:

  • Wraith skin ( Legendary) – Ringside
  • Wingman skin (Legendary) – Hammer Down
  • Legendary Emote – Acrobat

Bloodhound – Sundown Desperado

Bloodhound’s Apex Legends Market skin is very interesting, with a slightly new-age cowboy vibe.

The Legendary Sundown Desperado Bloodhound skin costs 1,800 Apex Coins and the bundle is 3,950 like the majority of the Market collab bundles.

The bundle includes:

  • Legendary Bloodhound skin – Sundown Desperado
  • Legendary Emote – Hunter’s Call
  • Epic Hemloc skin – Phoenix Fire
  • Epic Skydive Emote – Crossed Swords

Mirage – Night Crawler

Finally, we have the Night Crawler Mirage skin. This skin has a pretty militaristic aesthetic to it, with combat attire and a menacing mask.

This skin on its own is 1,800 Apex Coins while the bundle is 3,950.

If you purchase the bundle, you can expect the following:

  • Mirage skin (Legendary) – Night Crawler
  • Eva-8 skin (Legendary) – Identity Theft
  • Legendary Emote – Selfie

Market Bundle

Further, there is one last option for players looking to get the new Market collab skins.

Players can purchase the Market Bundle for 6,000 Apex Coins, which will give players all the skins available in the collab at a 16% discount.

It’s great that these skins have finally seen the light of day and players can purchase the ones they like or all of them in a discounted bundle.

These probably won’t return so if you’re thinking about getting one, make sure you do it within the time frame!

That’s all on the new Apex Legends Market collaboration. For more skins, check out how you can redeem the Twitch Prime Gaming skin for this month.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Shrugtal

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