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Apex Legends

How to equip Apex Legends Dive Trails

Apex Legends has many cosmetics and emotes for players to obtain and equip. Those looking for the Dive Trails, here’s how you can find them.



apex legends skydive trails

Looking to show off your new Apex Legends Dive Trail? Here’s how you can find and equip Dive Trails in Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends Dive Trails are a visual cosmetic that applies an effect on the player’s trail when sky diving into the map. Although not all players have them, those that do may be having some difficulty finding them in the menus.

For those looking to equip their Dive Trail in Apex Legends, here’s our guide on how to get and use them in Season 13.

apex legends diving into storm point

Apex Legends has a lot of customization and cosmetic options for players to express themselves, especially in the more recent seasons with the introduction of Holo Sprays and third-person emotes.

Sometimes finding all these items can be quite confusing, especially considering how many cosmetic items are available. With that being said, here’s how you can equip Dive Trails in Respawn‘s battle royale, Apex Legends.

How to get Apex Legends Dive Trails

apex legends skydive trail

As well as Legend and weapon skins, Banner Frames, Banner Poses, and skydive emotes, dedicated players who put time and effort into the ranked playlist will also get a Dive Trail.

Players who achieve Diamond, Masters, or the Apex Predator rank during a season of Ranked Leagues will receive a Dive Trail once the following season is launched.

So, for those who achieved any of the mentioned ranks in Season 12, you will be able to show off your new Dive Trail while dropping into Storm Point in Season 13.

How to equip Dive Trails

dive trail tab in apex legends menu

In order to equip a Dive Trail, players must go to the “Loadout” tab when on the lobby screen of Apex Legends.

From there, you’ll see an option at the bottom of the screen called “Game Customization,” which takes you to another page with various options.

On the Game Customization page, you can select Load Screens, Music Packs, and Skydive Trails. Simply flick to the Skydive Trail page and select the trail you wish to use.

Make sure you press the “Equip” button, not the “Select,” as pressing select will only show a preview of the trail.

There you have it, that’s how you can equip the Apex Legends Dive Trails. For more, make sure you check out all the weapon buffs and nerfs in Season 13.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment