Apex Legends: How to 1v1 in the Firing Range

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends 1v1

Apex Legends’ players may be wondering how they can use the Firing Range to fight against eachother. Whether you are looking to play against a friend or foe, here’s our guide on how you can set up a 1v1 in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a very competitive game, with a lot of mechanics that players need to conquer. Whether you’re looking to improve in Ranked Leagues, or even just get high kill games in pubs, practice makes perfect.

You could just keep queing into games and practicing in the battle royale mode, but a 1v1 against a similarly skilled player can be even more rewarding. With that being said, here’s how you can set up a 1v1 in Apex Legends.

How to set up a 1v1 in Apex Legends

apex legends 1v1

In order to 1v1 in Apex Legends, players must use the Firing Range. This is not only the easiest way to do it, but also there are no private lobbies available for console.

The Firing range allows players to pick whatever loadout and Legend they want. It also means that you will respawn upon death, so you don’t have to wait around.

  1. Invite whoever you wish to 1v1 into your lobby
  2. Select Firing Range in the game mode options and start it up
  3. Once in the Firing Range, select your Legend and loadout
  4. Decide on an area to fight on, most people use the open space behind the dummies
  5. When you are both ready and in poisiton, simply go to the options menu and select “Toggle Friendly Fire”
  6. This will allow you to damage eachother, good luck!
firing range apex legends

As you can select whatever weapons and items to use, you’ll want to set up some rules. For example submachine guns only, purple armor only, no healing items, or maybe even melee only.

This is great for players who are trying to get better with certain weapons and playstyles. You can also set a 1v1 up for someone who may be question your skill, allowing you to settle the issue.

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