Apex Legends dev responds to player’s audio issues in Season 9: Legacy

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An Apex Legends dev has given players further information on what Respawn has done and is doing to improve the game’s inconsistent audio.

Apex Legends is no stranger to bugs and issues, with the latest season even crashing servers on release day back on May 4.

Players are constantly complaining. However, Respawn does an excellent job addressing the community’s feedback and responding, much as they have with Wattson’s recent issues.

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Apex Legends’ audio bugs and dev response

Reddit user Cr4zy proposed a very detailed, respectful question to the developers during the recent Respawn Entertainment AMA on Reddit.

The post reflected on various issues, from silent footsteps to Legend’s abilities not producing audio cues, like Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt.

The Reddit user even linked a 2 minute clips showing off some audio bugs he has experienced in the Season 9: Legacy update, which includes clips of silent footsteps and even an opponent consuming a shield battery without the audio playing.

Respawn developer, Chad Grenier, responded with some very informative points on how they aim to address these issues, but also how difficult it actually is to fix them:

“These audio bugs are very conditional and hard to reproduce in a way that allows us to fix them quickly, but we are working diligently to improve our audio reliability.”

Chad then went on to list some of the previous audio updates the developers have made to improve performance, mentioning a system that lets “developers and some additional content creators to ‘tag’ audio issues in the live game.”

It’s clear the developers are working hard at improving the game’s audio, but it does seem unreasonable to expect these complicated issues to be fixed overnight. It’s great to get the developers responding to players’ queries and will definitely keep players happy despite the issues.

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