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Apex Legends dev confirms Revenant buffs coming soon

Respawn Entertainment have a few buffs planned for Revenant to improve his extremely low pick rate in Apex Legends.



revenant will get buffs in Apex Legends soon

Respawn Entertainment have noted that Revenant hasn’t been performing well in Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy, so they’ve promised some major buffs are coming for the Legend.

Apex Legends is filled with various characters with their own unique abilities, and Respawn use balance updates to try and keep the playing field level. However, Revenant is a Legend that they’ve struggled to find a perfect balance for.

At first, this character was performing too well after his introduction in Season 4, but nerfs mean he has found himself with one of the lowest pick rates in Season 9, Legacy. Now, the devs have some buffs planned for him.

Apex Legends' Revenant in shadowform.

Daniel Klein is Respawn’s lead game designer, and was asked about future buffs for Revenant in the Apex Legends Season 9 AMA on Reddit. According to him, the main problem is with Revenant’s Silence tactical ability.

“Revenant’s still weak,” said the dev. “We have a set of changes we’re trying out internally [to try and fix that], and they feel fun and fine.” This means that the Legend will finally see some much-needed improvements soon.

While Klein didn’t go into much detail about what these buffs will be exactly, he reassured fans that the planned changes will ensure that “he’ll certainly climb to the top.”

Revenant in Apex Legends

Klein was quick to warn fans the planned buffs “may not move the needle on power a lot,” so it’s worth keeping your expectations in check. That said, he added that the upcoming changes will “hopefully” improve Revenant’s pick rate.

The Legend has been plagued several bugs ever since his arrival in Apex Legends Season 4, and has received various buffs to his ‘Silence’ tactical and ultimate “Death Totem” abilities in past updates.

Hopefully, this new buff will arrive at some point during Season 9, and we’ll keep checking for updates regarding this.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment