Apex Legends devs confirm fix for “accidental” Wattson nerfs

Hamza Khalid
Respawn confirm fix for Wattson fences nerf

Respawn Entertainment have addressed the Wattson nerfs that arrived in Season 9, and have confirmed that these are unintentional, so they’ll issue a fix for it in a future update.

The Apex Legends Legacy update brought a brand-new battle pass, a new Legend named Valkyrie, and a 3v3 Arenas mode to the battle royale. However, the new season faced various problems with the servers.

There were also several issues with the loot in Season 9. Now, players have discovered frustrating nerfs for Apex’s Static Defender Wattson, and Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that this was unintentional.

Wattson in Apex Legends

This issue was brought up by lilakeyLK, who stated that Wattson’s perimeter security fences “no longer stun or slow enemies.” This Tweet also featured a clip that showcased Bangalore moving through the fence without problems.

Lila came up with an explanation for this. “I’d imagine this is because the Arc Star stun/slow has been removed, and they probably had some shared code (…I’m an expert, totally)… it’s a massive nerf to her kit in the meantime.”

Respawn developer ‘pav’ noticed this and responded to the Tweet with, “Sending this off to the team. Thanks!”

The Apex Legends devs then investigated the issue, and have a solution planned for it. Respawn comms director Ryan K. Rigney stated that they’d fix Wattson’s fence in a brand-new patch soon.

Respawn decided to prioritize fixing the over-powered Bocek Bow before altering Wattson’s ability. It’s always encouraging to know that the developers listen to feedback from the fans, and are ready to respond accordingly.

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