Viral Apex Legends TikTok calls for more dev communication as major changes go unannounced

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends mad maggie spellbound skin

Apex Legends players are furious with the devs, as a viral TikTok exposes a variety of instances where there was a lack of transparency when communicating with the community.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event update brought a variety of content to the game, from the return of Control to a new Heirloom and set of 24 cosmetic items.

While the update was supposed to bring players back to the game after a slight dry spell when it comes to content and balance changes, unfortunately, the devs have received a lot of backlash for the Private Match requirements and Horizon shadow nerf.

This seems to have been the last straw for some players, as stereoomike decided to address the devs in a viral TikTok which claims to show Respawn being “less than transparent.”

The Apex Legends content creator mentions things like the Catalyst release trailer, which they feel was made to seem like the character would be a “hard Seer counter,” when in reality this is not the case.

They also mention the testing for Apex Legends’ SBMM changes, as the devs shared a chart that left out the Y axis, leaving players to make their “own conclusions.” The TikToker ultimately feels that the devs are being shady, as they feel the devs should give players “all of the info, or none of it at all.”

Lastly, the content creator also mentions the Horizon nerfs and Private Match requirements that weren’t included in the Apex Legends Spellbound patch notes as more examples of Respawn not being “upfront and direct with the community.”

The player isn’t happy with the way in which the Apex Legends devs have been communicating recently, even stating that “these are not the decisions of a developer confident in the lifespan of their product.”

The TikTok ends with the player saying that the game is good, but would like the devs to “f**king act like it.” Clearly, they aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, as the TikTok has managed to amass over 16k likes, 100,000 views, and many comments that agree.

One user in the comments even said “it’s hilarious how incredible of a game they have and they’re literally smothering it with a pillow as they smile at us.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment