Apex Legends dev responds to bizarre ‘Return to Battle’ glitch ruining matches

Valkyrie and Apex Legends return to battle message

Respawn Entertainment have promised a fix for the strange ‘Return to Battle’ glitch that has been plaguing the Apex Legends community and ruining matches.

The Apex Legends developers introduced several changes to the popular battle royale title in the Season 13: Saviors update, including adjustments to stop players from taking advantage of out-of-bounds areas.

When players step into these areas on the map, they’ll get a message warning them to return to battle. However, these warnings have been popping up even when players are inside the map’s bounds, and Respawn have responded to this problem.

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Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Reddit user ‘Blumerd’ shared a clip in the Apex Legends subreddit and it showed the player attempting to throw grenades at their opponents, only for the game to incorrectly register them as being out of bounds.

When this happens, several features are disabled to prevent players from abusing the out-of-bounds area, including Legend abilities, weapons, Ordinances, active Passives, and healing items.

As a result of the ‘Return to Battle’ glitch, the Redditor was unable to fight. They then wrote: “I feel like this is a bug on Olympus that should be fixed, right? It says ‘Return to battle’ when it shouldn’t, which makes me unable to throw grenades for example.”

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This led to a response from the developers, as Respawn Game Designer ‘Jello’ reassured players in the thread that they were aware of the problem, and are currently working on a solution.

Jello stated: “There is a fix for this coming with the mid-season patch.” This will be reassuring to players that have been frustrated with the ‘Return to Battle’ glitch for interrupting their attacks and ruining matches.

Hopefully, the fix implemented in the mid-season update patch will resolve this issue once and for all. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as this update arrives and will keep you posted about any more developments regarding this glitch.

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