How to fix input delay on Apex Legends

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When you hop into Apex Legends, facing input delay can cause massive problems in-game, and it’s an issue that has plagued multiple players. We’ll go over how to fix input delay on Apex Legends during Season 18.

Now that Apex Legends Season 18 is underway, it’s the perfect time to hop into the battle royale title and check out all of the content that arrived in the seasonal udpate, including weapon buffs and nerfs as well as a rework for Revenant.

For a game as frantic as Apex Legends, the last thing you need is your gun not cooperating and executing the corresponding actions you’re trying to perform.

This tends to happen when you face troublesome input delay, so here’s how to fix it in Apex Legends on PC.

How to fix Apex Legends input delay

You can fix Apex Legends’ input delay on PC by managing its max fps in the game settings on Steam. So let’s kick those negative feelings out and make Rampart, Gibraltar, Caustic, or whomever you like to use, feel like a free-flowing boss.

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Here’s what you’ll need to do to get rid of any input lag.

  1. Boot up Steam.
  2. Go onto the Apex Legends page.
  3. Click the Manage button that looks like a traditional Settings symbol.
  4. Then click on Properties from the sub-menu.
  5. Now go to Set Launch Options.
  6. Then type in the following: +fps_max.
  7. The next part to type in is determined by what Hz your monitor is set to. e.g: +fps_max 240.
  8. Now click Ok.
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Fixing input lag will grant you a smoother Apex Legends experience.

A widespread issue that can affect any title, input delay makes your game unresponsive and instills a feeling of disillusionment as you feel powerless to do what you want. it can restrict a user’s enjoyment and deter someone from playing as your efforts feel futile.

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If you follow these instructions, then input lag issues should be a thing of the past and you can enjoy buttery smooth aiming for Apex Legends without input delay.

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