The Finals devs respond to game-breaking bug that “ruined gunplay”

Aryan Singh
Model 1887 rifle in The Finals

The Finals recently received an important patch that brought many tweaks to the game. Unfortunately, it also added bloom to weapons which has “ruined gunplay” for some players. The devs have issued an official response to the complaints.

Patch 1.5.0 for The Finals brought a host of highly-awaited fixes and changes to the game. Many of the most prominent complaints from the community were addressed, including nerfs to various weapons, increased activation cost for the Cloaking Device, and even an expansion of the in-game store.

Embark Studios also introduced a brand-new limited-time mode (LTM) for solo players titled, Solo Bank It. All in all, the patch managed to address some major complaints and introduce new content. However, it wasn’t a complete success, as it also changed the game’s gunplay for the worse.

Players jumping into The Finals post-patch were immediately affected by the changes and they took to the game’s official subreddit to vent their frustration. The problem appears to be the addition of bloom to weapons which has messed up their recoil patterns.

A Reddit post from user ‘illuminacegg’ seemed to sum up the issue, and it even provided footage of the weapon’s wayward recoil patterns. In it, the OP stated, “Turns out they added a bunch of bloom to a lot of the weapons, making them feel awful to use. I tried some of them out in the range, and for someone who knows how the patterns used to look like pre-patch, this is so bad to see.”

The post quickly gathered steam with many users chiming in, and it wasn’t long before the devs issued an official response on their Discord.

Embark clarified that the changes were unintentional, “We’re aware of a bug in Update 1.5.0 that is causing some weapons to apply bullet dispersion/spread/bloom when fired while aiming down sights. This is not an intentional balance change and we’ll be looking to fix this ASAP.”

They also provided a simple fix for a different aim sensitivity bug, “We also discovered a bug where the Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier for Controller has been doubled. The original value of 60% may now be 120%. This can be adjusted in the Settings menu by resetting the Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier back to 60%.”

The devs have confirmed that a fix for the issue will be arriving in the near future. Until then, check out how to level up quickly or how to bunny hop & slide in The Finals.

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