Apex Legends Caustic Town Takeover leaked for Season 8

Hamza Khalid
Apex Legends Caustic Town Takeover leaked for Season 8

There is a brand new Town Takeover on its way to Apex Legends Season 8, with Caustic as the focus, and data miners have leaked some new details about it, including a possible release date.

The Season 7 Fight Night Collection Event brought a plethora of new content to Apex Legends, such as a Pathfinder-themed boxing arena. This gave players the opportunity to battle each other without the use of weapons and engage in fisticuffs.

Now, Season 8 is set to add a brand new Town Takeover when the fight goes to the reformed Kings Canyon. The unique map area will be Caustic-themed, and data miners have found out some interesting details about it.

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Apex Legends Caustic Town Takeover leaked for Season 8

Caustic Town Takeover leaked for Apex Legends Season 8

When Apex Legends Season 8 went live on February 2, data miner ‘Biast12’ uncovered a few of Caustic’s voice lines in which the Legend talks about the event.

“The erupted gas pocket and fuel have combined to create a gargantuan supply of the toxin. If there’s a way to refine it, I could mold it into something spectacular. The water treatment facility will not purify this toxic spill,” said Caustic.

“If I could convince them that I could handle it, well… that would open some real possibilities. The best way to test this would be human subjects. Luckily, there’s an ample supply of lab rats right here.”

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Apex Legends Season 8 Town Takeover release date

Biast stated that the Town Takeover won’t be coming to the battle royale for a few weeks, so we can expect Caustic’s lab to arrive in Apex Legends Season 8 around March 2021.

Luckily, we can pass the time by enjoying some of the upcoming teasers that will appear in-game and on the Apex socials. They’re set to be released on:

  • Teaser 1: February 23
  • Teaser 2: February 25
  • Teaser 3: February 27
  • Teaser 4: March 1

So far, there have been no other updates regarding the teasers, but we’ll keep checking for any official announcements by Respawn Entertainment. Hopefully, we’ll get a close look at the Town Takeover within the coming weeks.

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That’s all we know so far, but there is a ton of speculation about where Caustic’s Town Takeover will take place exactly. It will most likely take place by Spotted Lakes in the newly changed Kings Canyon. Once we know more, we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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