XDefiant players slam “lazy” weapon skin designs

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Phantom character aiming gun

XDefiant offers a ton of cosmetics items to purchase in its store, however, players are slamming several weapons skins’ “lazy” designs.

Like other live service games, XDefiant offers a ton of cosmetic content players can purchase to show off while playing, rewarding them with unique characters, weapon skins, and profile customization.

While some of them feature a unique style making them sought-after content, some players have slammed the Store’s “lazy” designs, which they think ultimately makes them overpriced.

In a Reddit post, user ‘HKG41’ shared a comparison of an MP7 Rare Weapon skin which costs 700 XCoins, valued at $9.99 / £9.99 since the only option to get that amount of XCoins requires purchasing the 1000 XCoins pack.

As showcased by the user in the post, the MP7 SMG skin is “literally the same weapon” as its base version. The difference is so hard to spot, that one player remarked that they had to “compare the two pics for far too long before [they] could spot a difference.”

Similarly, another player noted that they had to “look at the side by side before [they] even noticed the difference,” even thinking it was a bug. However, an XDefiant player added that this issue doesn’t apply to the MP7 skin only, but also to the Pre season skins which “really blow.”

Agreeing with the OP, user ‘Familiar-Trip-4022’ said that devs probably “know players usually spend their money on overpriced useless skins,” and they want to know “how little they can work on their skins so they can make maximum profit.”

Other players simply pointed out that XDefiant’s store skins “change almost nothing and no one will notice you’re even running a skin.”

While the game being free-to-play could make it more likely for players to spend money on cosmetic content, XDefiant fans believe this should lead to better designs and not “greedy and lazy skins that are way too overpriced.”