XDefiant players concerned as “overpriced” bundle hits the store

Lucas Simons
XDefiant DedSec

XDefiant fans were complaining about dull weapon skin designs and recent content drops have brought “colorful” animated weapon skins. However, players are now slamming the pricing for these skins for being way over the norm.

The image shared on Reddit by user ‘Fannyypackk’ indicates a slight increase in the bundle prices, which has XDefiant players showing their discomfort and criticizing Ubisoft for their “cheeky methods.”

Some of them said they think this is a “foul” on the devs side for taking advantage of the players’ request, while others clearly stated that the pricing is “way off.” As Reddit user ‘Awkward.Tailor1690’ explained: “You have to drop over $30 to get some skins as they’ll put them at 2200 coins which means you can’t just buy the $20 2000 coin bundle.”

Other players commenting on the OP’s post have pointed out that the pricing tactic is specifically designed so that you “always load more money” if you want to buy the whole lot, creating a “never-ending cycle.”

And though players understand this is the way to sustain the F2P model in these games, they’re definitely not happy with the pricing. “This still seems far too expensive to me. Needs to be half the price. And yes I understand it’s a F2P game,” stated a frustrated player.

Meanwhile, others say that the price tag is there because it has become the norm among F2P FPS games: “The sad truth is way too many people see $20 skins as acceptable.”

Although in-game purchases are part of XDefiant, the game also has lots of ways to help you pick up free skins and even a refer-a-friend program that awards Skins and boosters.

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