XDefiant devs confirm no “pay-to-win” mechanics to ensure fair play

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Faction operators

Before players were concerned about XDefiant’s content availability, the devs confirmed that the game won’t have “pay-to-win” mechanics and explained how monetization will work in the game.

XDefiant is releasing on May 21, bringing an end to the long wait for its global launch and offering fans a Ubisoft-themed FPS experience to enjoy.

Like other modern first-person shooters, XDefiant will have a huge variety of content that players can unlock, from the Battle Pass to extra cosmetics. This led players to wonder how the content will be included and if there will be any pay-to-win offerings like other popular games.

Promptly, the dev team addressed these concerns and confirmed that XDefiant won’t feature pay-to-win mechanics. Further, any purchasable gameplay-impacting content will be also available through challenges.

Additionally, they intend to reward players’ time and engagement in “all of the matches, victories, and even defeats” with every match counting towards unlocking content. Here’s a list of all the content XDefiant will offer for free, as shared in the blog:

  • Free Battle Pass Rewards
  • In-Game Daily and Weekly Challenges
  • Ubisoft Connect Challenges
  • Weapon Mastery (with regular updates)
  • Community Participation Rewards (Twitch Drops, giveaways, and in-game events)
XDefiant Operators
XDefiant will offer free cosmetic content for characters, weapons, and more.

In their blog, devs shared the game will offer extra content that players can purchase if they wish. These will include a Premium Battle Pass option, character and weapon cosmetics, Faction unlocks, player card background and animations, and more.

All of this will be purely cosmetic and won’t affect how XDefiant works, delivering all players, regardless of whether or not they decide to invest money in cosmetics, can enjoy the same base game.

Following the close relationship with the community, the XDefiant team committed that, as the game progresses, they’ll consider players’ feedback, surveys, and in-game data to ensure “fair and engaging customization options.”