What is max level in XDefiant? Level cap explained

Aakash Regmi
XDefiant character in a map

If you’re wondering what the max level you can hit in XDefiant is, here’s where the shooter caps its level for Preseason. 

Even though there isn’t anything major tied to your account level in XDefiant, Ubisoft did tease a classic CoD-like Prestige system for the upcoming updates. Although the finer details are not yet revealed, if it works as usual, you can enter Prestige once you’ve hit the max level in the game.

But what exactly is the maximum level in XDefiant? Here’s all you need to know.

Max XDefiant account level

The maximum account level for XDefiant appears to be Level 100 in Preseason. This is based on the challenges in Ubisoft Connect, but with the game only just out and featuring relatively slow progression, it’ll take a while before you hit the level.

XDefiant players in Zone Control mode
You’ll need a considerable grind to hit Level 100 in XDefiant.

It is unclear how the game progresses after you’ve hit 100. But since there is no Prestige system in place yet, it’ll likely just stop counting.

We also don’t know if your level will reset in Season 1, but since it is the first major update so it’s the first chance for the game to add Prestige. Speaking of Prestige, Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of XDefiant, said in January 2024, “We are a game designed to last for years so looking at possibly yearly prestige.”

The game will, of course, not end there and you can continue to progress things like Battle Pass and weapons as usual. It’ll continue to be competitive, so check out our best guns and Factions guide to stay on top.

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