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When is Genshin Impact coming to Nintendo Switch

Genshin Impact is only available on PlayStation, PC, and mobile. Here’s when the game will come out on Nintendo Switch.



Dlavin from Genshin Impact and a Nintendo Switch console

Within just two years of release, Genshin Impact has become a widely renowned action RPG. Here’s when you can expect Genshin Impact to arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

Even though we’ve entered a new generation of console gaming with the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch remains relevant owing to its massive games library. From role-playing games to racing games to fighting games, there’s a wide range of options for players.

Countless Switch players have been eager to play Genshin Impact, but they can’t because the game hasn’t been released on the console yet. Here’s everything we know about the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact.

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When will miHoYo release Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch?

Ideally, Genshin Impact should have been released on Nintendo Switch on September 28, 2020. This is the game’s release date on PlayStation, PC, and mobile, and back in January 2020, the developers officially confirmed that a Switch version is in the works.

Having said that, Genshin Impact is close to celebrating its second-year anniversary and we still don’t have a Nintendo Switch version.

It is no surprise that many fans have become hopeless about playing Genshin Impact on their Nintendo Switch console. However, in a statement given to GoNintendo in May 2022, miHoYo’s global PR specialist confirmed that the Switch version is still on its way. We don’t have an official release date or trailer yet.

Why is Genshin Impact not coming to Nintendo Switch?

Releasing a game like Genshin Impact on a wide range of platforms is ideal, but not easy. Every device/console has a different set of hardware and software and the game must be optimized properly for good performance.

Genshin Impact always requires players to have an internet connection which does not fit greatly with Switch’s portable nature. Moreover, the action RPG is getting bigger with each update and the graphics requirements have been increasing as well.

These could be some of the reasons why Genshin Impact’s release on the Nintendo Switch is taking so long.

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It is worth noting that Genshin Impact has been out for two years and there have been a plethora of timed events, banners, free rewards, and whatnot. Many believe that it’s already too late for a Nintendo Switch version while others still want to try the game out because of its amazing storyline and open world.

You can currently play Genshin Impact on PlayStation, mobile, and PC with crossplay and cross-progression enabled. For more news on games with crossplay, check out our coverage of Apex Legends, Warzone, FIFA, and Fortnite.

Image Credits: miHoYo