How to link your Genshin Impact accounts: Cross-platform & cross-progression

Joseph Pascoulis
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Wondering if Genshin Impact features both cross-platform and cross-progression? Here are all the details, including how to link your accounts across devices.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular open-world multiplayer action-role-playing games out there, featuring an addictive gacha system that sees players building a team of characters to take on enemies in dungeons and quests.

Since its release in 2020, Genshin Impact has been supported by the developers with consistent updates. The game can be played on multiple platforms including PC, consoles, and even mobile, with a Nintendo Switch release also in the works.

However, some may be wondering whether the game features cross-platform capabilities and cross-progression that allows you to play on the same account across multiple platforms. Here’s all the details on these features, as well as how to link your Genshin Impact accounts.

Does Genshin Impact feature cross-platform & cross-progression?

Genshin Impact features both cross-platform play and cross-progression, meaning you can play with friends on different devices and continue your account progression from one device to another.

If you wish to play with someone on a PC or console while you are on mobile or vice versa, you can. Simply follow our guide on how to play with friends in Genshin Impact to set this up.

Genshin Impact also features cross-save or cross-progression, which means you can go from one device to another and still continue leveling up and progressing the same account.

For example, if you have been playing on mobile, PC, or console, but wish to play on a different device while using the same account, you can, all you have to do is link your account.

Dendro Traveler performing an attack in Genshin Impact
Linking your accounts is a simple process in Genshin Impact.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to link your PC to your already existing mobile account:

  1. First, tap the Paimon icon at the top left of your screen to bring up your menu.
  2. Now, click the cog symbol on the left.
  3. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the ‘Account’ option pop up. Go ahead and select it.
  4. You’re now headed to the ‘User Center.’ Click it.
  5. In the User Center, you’ll find an email option. Here’s where you’ll be sending a verification code to your registered email address.
  6. Head over to your registered email and find that verification code.
  7. Once you’ve got the code, head back to the game and enter the verification code.
  8. After verifying, your account should now be linked across both your PC and mobile devices. All that’s left to do is log in via the verified email and you’re set to pick up exactly where you left off.

If you’re looking to connect your Genshin Impact account between your PS4 or PS5 and your mobile, here’s our guide. If you’ve already played the game on your console before cross-save was introduced, linking an account with the same email address won’t be possible.

These steps are meant for a fresh game install:

  1. Fire up your game. As it loads, you’ll see a notice that says ‘Welcome to Genshin Impact.’ It’ll ask you to agree to two things. Just go ahead and do that.
  2. Once you’ve agreed, another notice will pop up. This one is titled ‘Prepare to Begin Your Adventure.’ Here’s where you can link your existing email address that’s tied to your current mobile account.
  3. Look for the option that says ‘Link miHoYo account (Email).’ Click it, and you’re halfway there.
  4. A browser window will open up next. Type in your email, and a verification code will be sent your way.
  5. Take that code and enter it into the bottom box. Your account is now linked.

Well, there you have it, that’s how you can link your Genshin Impact accounts. For more guides on the gacha game, check out some of our other pieces below:

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