What is Ordnance in Apex Legends? Every Ordnance type & how to use them

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apex legends ordnance

There are a few different types of Ordnance in Apex Legends, but if you’re new to the game or don’t know what they are, we thought it would be good to explain and show the best ways to use them.

Becoming a great Apex Legends player doesn’t just consist of mastering the mechanics and using the best Legends or weapons. Sometimes players are required to make the most out of all the items the game has to offer.

For example, if you have been watching the ALGS Championship recently, you will have noticed how important item management is, especially when it comes to keeping space Ordnaces, which are essential for understanding the game and getting better.

Apex Legends Ordnance grenade

All Apex Legends Ordnance

Apex Legends Ordnance are items that players can throw at enemies and deal damage to them. Ordnance is found in floor loot, Supply Bins, and Loot Ticks. There are 3 different Ordnance for players to use in-game:

  • Frag Grenande
  • Arc Star
  • Thermite Grenade

Frag Grenande

Apex Legends Ordnance frag grenade

Frag Grenades work just as they do in any other game. However, you can not cook them, so they explode shortly after throwing like in Call of Duty.

This Apex Legends Ordnance has a 4-second delay timer before detonation that is active as soon as it is thrown. Frag Grenades will do anything from 1-100 damage depending on how close the enemies are to the blast. They will also do 10 blunt damage if thrown directly onto an enemy.

If timed and thrown accurately, players can throw this Apex Legends Ordnance or high in the air, and they will land and explode on targets after the 4 seconds are up. Grenades are great for getting enemies off the high ground and even out of camping spots.

Arc Star

 arc star

Arc Stars are like little ninja stars that stick upon impact. Arc Stars will stack to any surface, even enemies, and will explode 3 seconds after impact.

If enemies are stuck with an Arc Star, although they will not be slowed, they will have an electric animation on screen and take 70 damage to health, as well as 15 pierce damage when the Ordnance connects. Arc Stars will break any rarity shield if the opponent is in the immediate blast, making them one of, if not the best Ordnance in the game.

Arc Stars are best to use when players are camping on doors, as they will completely blast the door off. They are also great to use when enemies are peeking cover as if you manage to stick someone. You can push them directly after.

Thermite Grenade


Thermite Grenades are lethal Ordnances that will leave a trail of burning fire on the floor upon impact. Thermite Grenades leave a 3-meter wall of fire on the floor that will do 25 damage over a period of 3 seconds that stacks, downing an enemy without a body shield in around 5 seconds.

Even when an enemy has a body shield, this Apex Legends Ordnance is lethal and can do serious damage to enemies the longer they stay in the fire. Further, the Thermite Grenade will burn enemies for 3 more seconds, even once they are out of the fire.

This Ordnance is the best at getting enemies out of camping spots, as it forces opponents to move out of its vicinity, or they will take serious damage and die if they stay in the wall of fire for too long. One of the best ways to use them is by throwing them at a door that an enemy is blocking.

If you found this useful and will be looking to use grenades more in the future, try out Season 8 Legend Fuse, who can carry more of these items and throw them further than other characters.

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