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How to get Apex Legends Twitch Drops items for ALGS Championship 2021

With the Apex Legends Global Series Championships underway, check out how you can unlock some exclusive Twitch Drops loading screens.



apex legends twitch drops loading screens

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship has been in full swing since the start on June 1. As well as the community-created loading screens that are up for grabs, Respawn Entertainment has decided to put even more Apex Legends Twitch Drops up for people to obtain in the final days of the ALGS Championships.

There has been a lot of hype around the ALGS Championship in the past few weeks, with Respawn even dropping an Animal Kingdom skin bundle with all the proceedings adding to the huge prize pool.

Although Apex Legends may be in the middle of a “dry spell,” players can tune into the Championship and earn themselves some exclusive in-game content.

apex legends twitch drops algs

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy introduced a whole new cosmetic category called “Community Created,” which further involves those who love the game so much.

Six fan-made loading screens will be available for players to acquire through the ALGS Championship starting from June 1.

Over on Apex Legends’ blog on the EA website, Respawn Entertainment detailed exactly how players can get their hands on these loading screens, as well as the schedule for their release.

All the Apex Legends Twitch Drops available

Loading screens will be available one at a time over a Tuesday to Tuesday, week-long span.

Each of the Drops will be linked to ten different Twitch streamers week to week. Be sure to keep an eye out on the official Apex Legends Twitter account for who to watch each week. Mark your calendar for the following dates where the drops will be available:

  • Loading screen 1: June 1 – June 8
  • Loading screen 2: June 8 – June 15
  • Loading screen 3: June 15 – June 22
  • Loading screen 4: June 22 – June 29
  • Loading screen 5: July 20 – July 27
  • Loading screen 6: July 27 – August 3

Here are the second set of Twitch streamers you’ll need to watch for the second loading screen:

Further, the developers have also released four separate rewards that players can earn throughout the final days of the ALGS Championships. An Alternator skin, a Bangalore skin, a Holospray and, an Epic Gun Charm.

Each of the rewards can be claimed by watching the stream for a set amount of time on only the 12 and 13 June:

  • The Rare ‘Copperhead’ Alternator skin will be awarded after watching one hour of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Rare ‘Ocean Spear’ Bangalore skin will be awarded after watching two hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Rare ‘Let’s Goooooo!’ Holospray will be awarded after watching three hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Epic ‘You Are The Champion’ Gun Charm will be awarded after watching four hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.

Remember, these rewards are only available for the final weekend of the ALGS Championships.

How to claim the Apex Legends Twitch Drops

You will need to have your Twitch and EA Accounts linked while you’re watching the streams to earn these drops. You can find the process for linking your accounts below:

  1. Make sure your Gamertag, Nintendo Switch Online Account, or PlayStation™Network ID is linked to your EA Account.
    • Already connected your accounts but not sure which one is linked? Find out which account is linked by following these steps.
  2. Now let’s get connected. Go to Twitch and sign in or create an account.
    • Make sure you’re logging into the Twitch account where you want to watch the streams and get rewards.
  3. Enter your EA Account info on the Connect with Twitch screen and click Next.
Apex Legends loading screen Twitch drops

Once your account is set up, sign in to your Twitch account and watch the folks designated as flagged for drops each week to get all of the Apex Legends Twitch Drops.

Viewers will have to watch one of the designated streamers for one continuous hour to earn that week’s particular loading screen. You can not switch between streamers during that hour period. Each screen will be available one at a time for a 7 day period.

For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on how to check if you’re close to an Heirloom in Season 9: Legacy.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment