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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players baffled as Buy Station bug gives players random Loadouts

Warzone 2 players have discovered a Buy Station bug that gives them a random weapon instead of their Custom Loadout.



warzone 2 buy station

Warzone 2 players are calling for the devs to fix yet another Buy Station bug, as players receive random weapons after purchasing their Custom Loadout.

In Warzone 2, players are able to purchase their Primary weapon from their Custom Loadouts at the Buy Station, as opposed to a full Loadout Drop like in the original game.

Landing in Al Mazrah and getting enough money to then purchase one of your Primary weapons is a crucial tactic in Warzone 2, especially as getting a Loadout Drop is much harder than it was in the original Warzone.

This will give you an advantage over others, unless they have done the same, of course. However, players have noticed a bug with the Buy Station that is completely ruining this strategy.

While some found a bug that saw a cheap Loadout Drop added to the Buy Station, other players are now highlighting an issue that gives them a random weapon when buying their Custom Loadout.

In response to Call of Duty‘s Tweet regarding Shipment’s arrival in Season 1 Reloaded, a player sent the devs a clip of this Buy Station bug, asking them to “Plz fix the buy station!!!!”

In the clip, the player goes to purchase their Custom Fennec 45, costing them a steep price of $5000. Sadly, this resulted in the player randomly receiving a Custom RAPP H instead, which is obviously completely wrong, as one’s an SMG and the other is an LMG.

Others in the comments of the Twitter post share a similar experience, with one user saying, “i had 4 games in a row where i wanted to buy my M13 and it gave me a Signal 50.”

According to other comments, there is a workaround for this bug, as apparently, the issue occurs when a player doesn’t have ten classes. “If you don’t have ten, it’ll sometimes grab a random one,” explained one player.

So, the workaround would be to “make every class,” even if you don’t intend to use the classes you make. This should fix the issue, but players would much rather see Call of Duty fix the bug: “call of duty could just fix the issue lol.”

Perhaps Activision will provide a fix in the next big update, but for now, check out where to find all of Warzone 2 Al Mazrah’s hidden caches.

Image Credits: Activision