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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JGOD reveals best way to get money fast in Warzone 2

CoD expert JGOD has revealed the absolute fastest way to rack up a big stack of cash to use during a game of Warzone 2.



jgod pointing to cash in cod warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 wants players to loot and find cash to buy useful gear, and Call of Duty guru JGOD has explained the best and fastest way to earn cash quickly in Warzone 2.

A staple of CoD BR gameplay since day one has been looting as Verdansk, and now Al Mazrah in Warzone 2, provides players with a giant map to explore to find incredible loot and aid the player’s efforts.

From Killstreaks to plates and armor, there are plenty of handy resources scattered around the map, but picking up bundles of cash is always an effective method of obtaining UAVs, Gas Masks, and Self Revives.

There will always be loose money around the map, but Al Mazrah’s more refined and realistic looting system has switched up the formula somewhat. Streamer and content creator JGOD has put in some time and research and found the best way to get money fast in a game of Warzone 2.

JGOD explains how going to banks in the game can be a great way of landing a huge score, but how they are extremely polluted areas and high-risk. He also explained that the Safecracker contract is another top method for earning money, although people are “still struggling to get cash.”

The YouTuber explained that “underground storage caches” are the way to go, as there are at least 50 of them hidden in Al Mazrah, and that they can “drop $2,500 on average.”

He explains that a cache will drop any of the following items:

  • $2,000
  • $3,500
  • 3-Plate Satchel
  • Riot Shield
  • Lethal and/or Tactical Equipment
  • Killstreak
  • Weapons

Depending on where you land, it’s entirely possible to find a few of them bunched together in the first couple of minutes or so in the game and get you set up quite quickly.

Just like with banks and Safecrackers contracts though, be weary as knowledge of these hidden cache sites will become well known, and competition for them will increase as time goes on.

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD