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Undead World: Hero Survival tier list – Best Heroes ranked

Want to slay zombies easily? Check out this Undead World: Hero Survival tier list that includes the best Heroes in the game.



Undead World Hero Survival Tier List

Collecting Heroes and making zombie-slaying squads is one of the primary objectives in Undead World: Hero Survival. If you have any doubts regarding team-building, this tier list of the best Heroes in Undead World: Hero Survival will help you.

Idle RPGs like Mythic Heroes, AFK Arena, Mobile Legends: Adventure, and others have gained a lot of popularity lately. A game that has contributed to the unprecedented popularity of the genre is Undead World: Hero Survival.

From idle rewards to exciting boss fights, there are many reasons behind Undead World: Hero Survivals’s rise as an idle RPG. It also has a diverse cast of Heroes and players love expanding their collection with the strongest units available.

If you want to make the most powerful team in Undead World: Hero Survival, check out this list of the best Heroes in the game.

Undead World Hero Survival promo art

Best Heroes in Undead World: Hero Survival – Tier list

We’ve placed all Heroes in Undead World: Hero Survival in tiers ranging from S to E. The Heroes in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the E tier are the weakest.

Tier Heroes
SMurray, Lita, Leigh, Abigail, Britney
AAstra, Luna, Lynn, Elaine, Conor, Jack, Tyler, Casey, Jones, Damon, Rock, Sam, Gabriel, Olivia, Alexa, Gerald
BNina, Henry, Meredith, Rollo, George, Cookie, Bella, Kieran, Little Dave, Tammy, Webster, Rollo, Lynn, Tanya
CNadeem, Mary, Axel, Doc, Cady, Yeji, Luke
DNils, Kit, Laura, Olof, Nicholas, Jordan, Hugh,
EDud, Sarah, TJ, Barry

S-tier Heroes in Undead World: Hero Survival

Here’s why we’ve placed the following heroes in the S tier of our Undead World: Hero Survival tier list:

  • Murray – A great offensive Hero who is reliable as a damage dealer and can also crowd control.
  • Lita – A top-tier support character that can boost the ATK and CRIT stats of your team.
  • Leigh – Another support character but instead of buffs, he can heal allies.
  • Abigail – A must-have defensive unit for any team.
  • Britney – One of the best damage dealers in the game.

You won’t regret putting any of these Heroes in your Undead World: Hero Survival team. This is not to say that Heroes placed in lower tiers are useless. In fact, when fully upgraded, the likes of Gabriel and Astra can easily compete with the S-tier units.

At the end of the day, Undead World: Hero Survival is about having fun and you should be using the characters that suit your playstyle. Having said that, if you feel stuck at any challenge, this tier list will help you understand the meta and choose the strongest units.

Alexa and Sam, two of the best Heroes in Undead World: Hero Survival

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Image Credits: Undead World Team