What is Terminal Attack in The Finals? LTM explained

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A brand-new game mode named Terminal Attack is arriving in The Finals Season 2 soon. So, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Embark continue to deliver new game modes and LTMs during Season 2 of The Finals, with their latest offering being the Terminal Attack mode. The upcoming mode introduces a new spin on the title’s frantic vertical gameplay by borrowing elements from games like Rainbow Six Siege and CS2.

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about The Finals Terminal Attack mode, including the release date.

The Finals: Terminal Attack mode release date

The Terminal Attack mode will arrive on May 2 in The Finals. Just like all other content updates, the mode will be free to play for all players and will likely have Contracts associated with it.

What is Terminal Attack mode in The Finals?

Terminal Attack is a new 5v5 mode in The Finals featuring an attacking and a defending team. The attacking team is tasked with infiltrating a building and getting the decryption key to the terminal hidden inside, while the defending team must set up traps to protect the terminal.

The 5v5 mode has no healing or reviving, and the winner is decided after the completion of 7 rounds. The core premise of the mode bears similarities to R6 Siege, and it adds a tactical element to the normally frenetic action of The Finals.

The attacking must plan their approach their offensive carefully, making use of gadgets like C4 to blow up walls and get closer to the terminal. Similarly, the defending team can use tools like the Goo Grenade to reinforce walls and set up Turrets or Dome Shields to protect the terminal.

The devs are yet to confirm whether the mode will be a permanent addition to The Finals or if it will be removed after a few weeks.

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