Will Star Wars Outlaws be open world?

Franco Diaz
Star Wars Outlaws Kay Vess and Nix screenshot

Star Wars Outlaws is the name of the next title in the franchise, where fans will play as Kay Vess, a bounty hunter who becomes highly wanted by the Empire. This new title features multiple AAA gameplay elements, such as space travel, but is Star Wars Outlaws an open-world game?

Star Wars Outlaws will arrive in games libraries on August 30. Fans will be able to enjoy the adventures of Kay Vess along with Nix as they take on the role of bounty hunters and make decisions that will either earn or lose their reputation in the galaxy.

To achieve this, players will be able to explore different planets using their spaceships, but is Star Wars Outlaws an open-world game? Here’s everything you need to know about whether Star Wars Outlaws features an open world.

Will Star Wars Outlaws feature an open world?

Yes, Ubisoft confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws will be the first game in the Star Wars franchise to feature an open world. This way, players will be able to explore the vast galaxy while completing the campaign and various contracts offered to Kay and Nix.

The latest Game Overview Trailer revealed that Star Wars Outlaws includes enormous environments you can traverse on foot, with Kay’s S-57 Cardinal speeder or even her Trailblazer.

As of writing, we don’t know how vast the space will be in Star Wars Outlaws, but you will be able to explore Tatooine, Kijimi, Akiva, and many other planets from the Star Wars universe that Ubisoft mentioned during the last trailer. You will even be able to travel between different galaxies using the hyperdrive.

So now you know! That’s everything you need to know about the open-world feature in Star Wars Outlaws. If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, make sure to check out all about Star Wars Hunters, including how to unlock characters, all the game modes available, and the Arena Pass rewards.

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