How to find Jedha Scrolls in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players can collect plenty of collectibles and one of them is the Jedha Scrolls. But before you can collect them, you need to know where to find them and for that our guide has you covered.

In Jedi: Survivor, players can grab different types of collectibles and unveil secrets while traveling across different planets. The different collectible items that can be collected are Force Echoes, Stim upgrades, Data Discs, Priorite Shards, Essence Crystals Scrolls, and more.

Among these, players will be able to collect Jedha Scrolls that serve multiple purposes. Although it can be tricky to find these scrolls, we have a handy guide that will help you in finding these scrolls in Jedi: Survivor.

Where to find Jedha Scrolls in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Jedi Survivor map locationTravel through the Ancient Ruins to find Jedha Scrolls.

Jedha Scrolls can be found all over the planet Jedha in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Many can be found as you play through Chapter 3. Once you arrive at Jedha, you will begin the objective “Rendezvous with Cere’s Contact.” You will come across several Jedha Scrolls while you are completing this story mission.

Before you meet Cere’s Contact in the Penitent Chambers region, you will have to travel through the Ancient Ruins which are located straight from the Monastery Walls Meditation Point. That’s where you will find the first Jedha Scroll along with a chest after fighting Stormtrooper enemies in Jedi: Survivor.

Before leaving Penitent Chambers, you will find another Jedha Scroll and chest as you travel to the top of the tower. Ultimately, Cere’s Contact will take you to Cere’s Archives which is where you will find another Jedha Scroll.

You will notice golden sparkling Jedha Scrolls on the ground while exploring this planet so make sure to check every nook and corner. Once you approach them, you will see an interact option on the screen and it will get added to your inventory.

How to use Jedha Scrolls in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Jedi: SurvivorDiscover the Jedha Scrolls lying on the ground.

Jedha Scrolls are tradeable items for gear, lightsaber, and other components at Sister Taske’s Shop which is located at Cere’s Archives on Jedha. As you pick up the Jedha Scroll, Cal will say that someone at Cere’s base will know what to make of this item.

Well, that’s all you need to know to find and collect the Jedha Scrolls in Jedi: Survivor.

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