All Roblox The Classic Quests & how to complete them

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Roblox The Classic key art featuring Roblox character and items.

From experiences such as Adopt Me and Tower Defense Simulator to Quests like Capture The Flag and more, here’s everything you need to know about what games and Quests are featured in The Classic on Roblox.

Featuring some of the most beloved games on the platform, Roblox‘s The Classic is a trip down memory lane. Although the event has fewer games compared to The Hunt, the titles featured are sure to invoke a nostalgic feeling.

On that note, Here’s all you should know about Roblox The Classic, including the start and end date, the games, and the Quests.

How to complete Roblox The Classic Quests: All rewards

There are a total of fifteen Quests in The Classic on Roblox. Here’s a list of all the Quests along with how to complete them and the rewards you get:

QuestHow to CompleteReward
Obby of the GloryComplete Obby of the Glory obstacle course.3 Tix
Obby of the DoomComplete Obby of the Doom obstacle course.1 Token
Roblox RacingParticipate in the race underneath the spawn island.3 Tix
Ride a Cart in The ClassicRide the cart near the spawn from one point to the other.3 Tix
Buried TreasureFind all nine books scattered across the spawn and the treasure buried in the sand near the ship.1 Token
Top DodgeballerBuy Superball from the Event Tracker and hit 25 players with the same.1 Token
Map Checkpoint PortalsGo through every portal on various islands near spawn.3 Tix
Character DoorsType ‘builderman,’ ‘shedletsky,’ ‘clockwork,’ ‘telamon,’ and ‘1x1x1x1’ one by one in the chat to unlock the doors.1 Token
Capture The FlagExchange the Red Flag near the Rocket with the Blue Flag in the Desert.1 Token
Mirror SecretHead inside the Cafe and type ‘Magic Mirror.’ This unlocks a secret room. Climb the ladder to your left and you’ll find a Tix.3 Tix
Thirst QuenchersAfter claiming Tix from the Mirror Secret Quest, Buy Bloxade from the vending machine inside the room and give it to the HelperBot near spawn.1 Token
Bloxxer SecretGo inside the Roblox HQ building and make your way down towards the VIP Door while wearing the Classic VIP t-shirt.1 Token
Wardrobe SecretClimb the Blue Tower on the spawn island and type ‘Rainbow’ in the chat. Walk to the other end of the Bridge and jump inside the secret Room.1 Token
Cloud SecretHead to the starting line of the Race Track underneath the spawn and jump over the ledge with a red flower.1 Token
Rocket the RocketshipClimb up to the Rocket1 Token

All games in Roblox The Classic

Roblox The Classic features fifteen games:

Every experience featured in The Classic has 10 Tix and 5 Tokens you can collect. Using these Tix and Tokens, you can buy Exclusive Hub and Avatar Items.

Roblox The Classic start and end date

Roblox The Classic went live on May 23, 2024, and will end on May 28, 2024.

You can play the experience on all platforms Roblox is available on, including VR, but it is worth noting that some of the quests and games might not be available on every platform.

That’s all about Quests and games in Roblox The Classic. Along with the games mentioned above we also have codes for many popular Roblox titles such as Attack on Titan RevolutionBlox Fruits, War Age Tycoon, and Zo Samurai.