How to complete the Wardrobe Secret Quest in Roblox The Classic

Udit Surve
Wardrobe in Roblox The Classic.

Wardrobe Secret is one of the many Quests that you need to complete in The Classic event on Roblox. So here’s a rundown on what you need to do to get the Wardrobe Secret Quest badge.

The Classic event is now live on Roblox and features over a dozen popular titles such as Adopt Me and Restaurant Tycoon 2 as well as Quests that you can play to get exclusive and limited-time rewards.

Quests are the main attraction of this event and they task you with finding items scattered all over the map as well as completing obstacle courses.

The Wardrobe Secret is one such quest and here’s how you can complete it in Roblox The Classic.

How to complete Wardrobe Secret Quest

Here’s a walkthrough on how you can complete the Wardrobe Secret Quest in The Classic on Roblox:

Once you are on the spawn island in The Classic, turn around and locate the Blue Tower with yellow highlights to your right.

Here’s what it looks like:

Blue Tower in Roblox The Classic.
Wardrobe Secret is one of the easiest Quests in The Classic.

Climb the same until you reach its uppermost level, type ‘rainbow’ in the chat, and hit send. This will make a rainbow bridge appear. Cross the same to reach the ‘Pot of Gold.’ Do note that the bridge disappears after some time so you may have to be quick.

Rainbow bridge in Roblox The Classic.

Once you are on the ‘Pot of Gold’ walk in it until you clip through it and fall down into a secret room.

Player clipping through the 'Pot of Gold' in The Classic.
A part of the ‘Pot of Gold’ is clippable.

Inside the secret room, you will come across a camera, a chair, and a wardrobe with a Token inside it. Claim the Token by holding ‘E’ on your keyboard. This will successfully complete your Quest.

Wardrobe with Token in Roblox The Classic.
You can buy time-limited items with Tokens.

That’s all about how to complete the Wardrobe Secret Quest in Roblox The Classic. Arsenal, Bee Swarm Simulator, Blade Ball, and Toilet Tower Defense are some of the other prominent tiles featured in The event.