Blade Ball codes for free Spins in May 2024

Anmol David
A Roblox blade ball character dressed like a ninja.

Blade Ball codes can benefit you even if you’re a casual or someone aiming to climb the leaderboards. Here are all the codes handing out free rewards like Spins, Coins, and Tickets in May 2024.

Although Roblox titles like War Age Tycoon, Heroes Awakening, Zo Samurai, and Fire Force Online are very competitive, the developers frequently release codes to help you get freebies essential to progress.

Blade Ball is no exception, and you can rely on its redeemable codes to instantly boost the resources in your inventory without much hassle. The only problem is tracking these time-sensitive codes, so here are all the Blade Ball codes handing out Spins, Tickets, and Coins in May 2024.

A Roblox blade ball player with their sword.
Roblox’s Blade Ball is a fun and unique game based on fighting as well as sports.

Active Blade Ball codes in May 2024

Here are the working Blade Ball codes handing out free Spins in May 2024:

  • FROGS – Free Spin
  • GOODVSEVIL – Free Spin
  • BATTLEROYALE – Storm tTicket
  • RNGEMOTES – Free Spin
  • FREESPINS – one Spin
  • 2BTHANKS – one Spin

Expired Blade Ball codes in May 2024

Here’s every Blade Ball code that has expired:

  • WEEK4
  • 1.5BTHANKS

How to redeem Blade Ball codes

To redeem Blade Ball codes, click on the Extras button at the top of the screen. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Open Blade Ball on Roblox.
  2. Click on Extras.
  3. Click on Codes.
  4. Enter the codes listed above into the box and press the check mark.
  5. This will redeem the codes and give you your free rewards.
Blade Ball character in Roblox
Blade Ball is available on mobile, consoles, and PC.

What are Blade Ball codes?

Blade Ball codes can grant you free rewards such as Coins, Spins, and Skins. Coins can be used to unlock Explosion Crates and Spins can get you new abilities through the giant wheel while Skins can be equipped on the sword to give it a more unique look.

How to get more Blade Ball codes

You can get more Blade Ball codes by joining their Discord server and checking the #codes channel and following the game’s X (formerly Twitter) account as well as, checking the YouTube channel.

Since staying on top of all these can be a hassle, we suggest bookmarking this page and checking back often as we’ll up updating it when new codes are released.

Why is my Blade Ball code not working?

Your Blade Ball code might not work because it is either invalid or has expired. Make sure you are copy-pasting the code from the list to avoid typos and also double check if it’s active or not since Roblox codes are time-sensitive and expire after some period.

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