Roblox Grimace Shake codes for free Cash and Credits in August 2023

Hamza Khalid
Roblox Grimace Shake codesRetro Horror / Roblox

Roblox Grimace Shake is a game where you have to escape from a killer, and to buy essential keys and weapons for defense, you’ll need cash or credits. Here are the Grimace Shake codes that can be used in Roblox for free Cash and Credits in August 2023.

A viral TikTok challenge sees users consuming a Grimace Shake and subsequently collapsing as though the beverage was toxic, often surrounded by a staged crime scene. Mimicking its inspiration, the Roblox game “Grimace Shake” commences with a randomly selected player downing the shake and transforming into a killer, who then chases other players.

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For the remaining players, the goal is survival, which can be achieved by unlocking new areas with keys and employing weapons to impede the killer. Since both of these resources require Cash and Credits, we will provide codes to assist you in acquiring these in August 2023.

Active Roblox Grimace Shake codes for August 2023

Here are all of the working Grimace Shake codes:

  • 10K – 5k Cash 
  • THREE – 3k Cash 
  • 100likes – 10 Credits 
  • 500likes – 50 Credits 
  • 1000likes – 100 Credits 
  • 1500likes – 100 Credits 
  • 2000likes – 150 Credits 
  • 3000likes – 150 Credits 
  • 5000kthumbs – 200 Credits 
  • 7500kthumbs – 250 Credits 
  • 10kbro – 250 Credits 

Expired Roblox Grimace Shake codes for August 2023

As of August 2023, there are no expired codes in Roblox Grimace Shake. This means that players can use all of the active codes above in order to grab free rewards such as Cash and Credits. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that these codes don’t last for long.

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As with Roblox titles, codes become expired as they’re replaced by new ones that can be used to redeem different rewards. As soon as these Roblox Grimace Shake codes expire, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Grimace in RobloxRetro Horror
You can redeem Grimace Shake codes for rewards in Roblox.

How to redeem Roblox Grimace Shake codes

To redeem a working code in Roblox Grimace Shake, you’ll have to press the Codes button that’s represented by a gift icon on your screen.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Launch Grimace Shake on Roblox.
  2. Press the Codes button on the left side of your screen.
  3. Enter an active code from the list above in the text box.
  4. Press the Submit button.

As soon as you press the Submit button, the code will be redeemed and you’ll be able to access your free reward. Since these codes are case-sensitive, we recommend typing them in exactly as they appear in the list above.

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