All Roblox DOORS codes in November 2023: Free Revives & Knobs

Roblox DOORS thumbnail with the game's logo to the right and an ajar door to the left.LSPLASH

Players in Roblox DOORS need to travel through doors into different areas that are filled with dangerous traps, puzzles, and enemies. To survive and progress you’ll need the latest Roblox DOORS codes for free Revives & Knobs in November 2023.

Roblox has tons of player-made games for players to dive into, and many of these are extremely popular games in the Roblox community, such as Adopt Me! and Pop It Trading. If you’re a horror fan, however, you can check out Roblox’s DOORS, which is a game with over 100 million visits, as it has some unique gameplay and challenges.

Roblox’s DOORS devs often release new codes which can help players by providing them with free rewards like Knobs and Revives, so here are all active Roblox DOORS codes in November 2023.

A screengrab of Roblox DOORS featuring one of the rooms of the game.LSPLASH
Roblox DOORS is inspired by Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion.

All working Roblox DOORS codes in November 2023

Here are the latest working Roblox DOORS codes that will give you freebies in November 2023:

  • THREE – 1 Revive and Knobs
  • SCREECHSUCKS – 25 Knobs
  • 4B – 1 Revive

We’ll update this guide with new Roblox DOORS codes regularly so make sure to bookmark this article.

All expired Roblox DOORS codes in November 2023

These Roblox DOORS codes have expired as of November 2023:

  • PSST
  • TEST
  • 500MVisits
  • 100MVISITS

How to redeem DOORS codes on Roblox

You can redeem Roblox DOORS codes by selecting the Shop button on your screen, and this will allow you to get free knobs and revives.

Follow these steps:

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  1. Launch the game and click on the Shop button on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. In the Shop menu, click the Enter code here text box on the top of the screen.
  3. Click CONFIRM to redeem your reward.

We recommend copy-pasting the codes from the list above to avoid capitalization errors and typos.

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