All Roblox Factory Simulator Codes in June 2023: Free Cash, Crates, more

Factory Simulator Roblox Title ScreenRoblox

When Factory Simulator gets 140k likes on Roblox, the developers will release a new code to thank the players for their support. Until then, you can check out these Factory Simulator codes handing out free Crates, boosts, and Cash in June 2023.

Factory Simulator was created by Gaming Glove Studios in Roblox. It allows players to gather resources from around the globe and expand their economic empires. Everything in the player’s business is customizable and bonus rewards can help you unlock some boosts and crates for leveling up.

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Factory Simulator can be played by up to eight players on a single server. It has gained massive popularity with over 55 million players joining in a single year. The game relies on a role-playing style similar to Restaurant Tycoon 2 and Strongman Simulator.

Factory Simulator offers players unique features to modify their business empire as they wish. Here are a few codes that work as of June 2023 that can help your business level up faster in Factory Simulator.

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Roblox Factory Simulator CharacterRoblox
Cash and crates are the two most common rewards from Factory Simulator codes.

Working Roblox Factory Simulator Codes in June 2023

Here’s a list of working Roblox Factory Simulator Codes:

  • TheCarbonMeister – 2x Advanced Crates
  • sub2CPsomboi – 2x Advanced Crates
  • Stanscode – 2x Advanced Crates
  • wintersurprise130k – 2x Cash Boost
  • warpspeed – 2x Walking Speed boost
  • payday – 2x Cash Boost
  • tevinisawesomeagain!! – Randomized free Cash
  • newyearnewcodes!! – Randomized free Cash

The cash/free rewards you get from the above-listed codes are random so you are rewarded different amounts on using the codes in-game.

Expired Roblox Factory Simulator Codes in June 2023

Here’s a list of expired Roblox Factory Simulator Codes:

  • TYSMFOR100KLIKES!! – Free Advanced Crates
  • OMGTYSMFOR300KFAVORITES!! – Free rewards
  • WEOUTHEREEEE!!! – Free cash
  • BIGSORRYBUGFIX!! – Free cash
  • evinisawesomeagain!! – Free cash
  • WEOUTHEREEEE!!! – Free Cash 
  • BIGSORRYBUGFIX!! – Free Cash
  • devteamisawesomeyes!! – Free Cash
  • happyholidays – Free Cash
  • tevinisawesomept2! – Free Advanced Crate
  • randomcodehehpt2 – Free Cash
  • greetingsmychildren – Free Cash
  • tevinsalwayswatchingyes!! – Free Cash
  • discordspecial – Free $6,666 Cash
  • October – Free Cash
  • sussycheckinyes! – Free $3,540 Cash
  • HappyBirthdayTevin!! – Free $6,666 Cash and a Legendary Crate
  • tevinisawesome! – Free reward
  • RANDOMCODEHI!! – Free reward
  • Bruh – Free $8,460 Cash
  • Alfi3M0nd0_YT – Free $3,000 Cash
  • Sub2DrakeCraft – Free $3,000 Cash
  • TwitterCode2021! – 1 Free Advanced Crate
  • THANKYOUFORPLAYING! – Free $3,000 Cash
  • Sub2Cikesha – Free $3,000 Cash
  • Firesam – Free $3,000 Cash
  • TheCarbonMeister – 1 Free Advanced Crate
  • Kingkade – $3,000 Cash
  • Goatguy – Free $3,000 Cash
  • FSTHANKYOU!! – Free $3,000 Cash
  • TEAMGGS!! – Free $3,000 Cash

Some of the cash and crates whose exact rewards are not mentioned in the list above are randomized rewards.

Roblox Factory Simulator Map LayoutRoblox
You can redeem Factory Simulator codes easily from the in-game settings.

How to redeem Factory Simulator Codes in Roblox

To redeem Factory Simulator codes in Roblox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Factory Simulator in Roblox on a PC or any mobile device.
  2. Click on the Shop button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. A new window with Text Box will open up.
  4. Type or copy the working codes from the list above into the box.
  5. Click on the Redeem button.
  6. And you’re done! You will have received your free rewards!

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above as they are case-sensitive similar to other Roblox games like Shonen Smash, Adopt Me, Little World,

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If you find any issues with redeeming the codes above, you can reload the game after some time. This will put you in a new and updated server that might redeem your codes faster than before.

We hope these Factory Simulator codes will come in handy the next time you want to get a quick upgrade on your current progress in the game. We’ll keep you updated with the latest codes when they are released in the future.

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