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Project Slayers on Roblox lets you choose between saving humanity from demons or becoming one yourself. Regardless of the choice you make, you can still get tons of free rewards by using redeemable codes. Here’s whether there are any active Project Slayers codes in December 2023.

Roblox has tons of games based on popular anime series like A Piece, One Punch Hero, Anime Fighters Simulator, and more. Many of these games let players recreate their favorite anime moments, and come with fast-paced gameplay that can seal the deal for players.

Project Slayers is a unique anime experience on Roblox as it gives you the reins and lets you steer toward either helping or going up against humanity, which can be quite liberating for many. In addition, the game has codes that players can redeem for free Spins and Resets.

So, here’s everything to know about Project Slayers codes in December 2023.

Roblox Project Slayers characters.Project Slayers
You can choose to play as a hero or a villain in Roblox Project Slayers.

Are there Roblox Project Slayers codes in December 2023?

Unfortunately, there are no active Roblox Project Slayers in December 2023.

All expired Roblox Project Slayers codes in December 2023

The following Roblox Project Slayers codes have expired as of December 2023:

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  • ThxFor400MVisits
  • ThxFor650KVotes
  • Update309ArtSpins
  • Update309RaceReset
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  • ThanksFor350MVisits2
  • ThanksForLikes600K2
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  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBack
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  • NewAntiExploit
  • Miniupdate1.5
  • SorryForIssuesToday
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  • Update1.5Spins
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  • !500kLikeCode!
  • SorryForDataIssues
  • 3AsTeRRaceReset
  • H@pPy3AsTeR
  • ThanksFor200MilVisitsBreathingReset
  • Roblox@ItAgain
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  • Roblox@ItAgainBreathingReset
  • ProjectShutdown
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  • New500kLikesCode!
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  • HappyNewYears!
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  • 400Klikes
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  • Miniupdate3
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  • 350Kupvotes!
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  • lastcode?lol
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  • miniupdate
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  • soryagainguys:V
  • 200K+upvotestysm
  • sorryforanothershutdown
  • 100K+likesiglol
  • werebackup
  • Gettingthere!
  • Sorryforshutdowns!
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset!

How to redeem Project Slayers codes on Roblox

Players can redeem their Project Slayer codes by clicking on the book icon. Here’s where to find it:

  1. Launch Project Slayers, pick your character, and then press Play.
  2. Press the M key on your keyboard and a tiny menu will appear. If you are on your phone, tap and hold the menus to open them.
  3. Press the Book icon in the center of your menu.
  4. A new screen will pop up, look to the bottom to find the codes box.
  5. Enter your code and press Submit Code to get your rewards.

We recommend copy-pasting the codes directly to avoid capitalization errors and typos.

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What are Roblox Project Slayer codes?

Project Slayer codes on Roblox are redeemable codes that can grant you valuable resources like Spins and Resets. These are released by the game developers and are usually time-limited.

How to get more Roblox Project Slayers codes

To get more Roblox Project Slayers codes, you can join the game’s official Discord server. Alternatively, you can also bookmark this article and check back as we update it frequently with the latest codes.

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