Roblox Adopt Me: All Urban Egg pets

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Urban Egg dispenser in Roblox Adopt Me.

Replacing the Danger Egg, Roblox Adopt Me recently added Urban Egg which contains various new pets, each with its own rarity such as common, rare, legendary, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Roblox Adopt Me Urban Egg pets including what they are and their hatch chances.

Adopt Me, a popular game on Roblox that allows players to adopt and raise various pets is often updated with new eggs that contain different types of pets. The latest update introduced the Urban Egg, which contains pets inspired by the animals and creatures that can be found in big cities.

Can say that Urban Egg costs a hefty amount of Bucks and to make the most of it, you must know how to acquire the egg and the chances of hatching different rarities of pets through it. Some of the pets hatched from it are based on real animals while others are more fantastical.

With that in mind, here are all the Urban Egg pets you can get in Roblox Adopt Me along with their rarity:

What are Urban Egg pets in Roblox Adopt Me?

Inspired by creatures found in bustling cities, Urban Egg in Adopt Me contains twelve new pets such as cockroaches, pigeons, stray cats, dogs, and more. It was introduced in August and replaces the Danger Egg.

The Urban Egg is a limited egg that costs 750 in-game currency and can be purchased from the Gumball Machine in the Nursery. Once removed, they can no longer be bought and can only be obtained through trading.

It is distinctive in its appearance, featuring a white egg with an orange traffic cone on it. The Urban Egg offers players the chance to hatch a variety of pets with each pet having a specific hatch chance based on its rarity.

All Urban Egg pets in Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt Me Urban Egg features twelve pets categorized into five different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary.

Common Urban Egg pets

Common pets in Roblox Adopt Me Urban Egg.
Players cannot put any shoe accessories on the Bluebottle Fly.
  • Hatch chance: 35%
  • Pets: Bluebottle Fly, Cockroach, Mongoose

Uncommon Urban Egg pets

Uncommon pets in Roblox Adopt Me Urban Egg.
The Neon Tawny Frogmouth glows purple on its markings, part of its wings, and feet.
  • Hatch chance: 25%
  • Pets: Rock Pigeon, Tawny Frogmouth

Rare Urban Egg pets

Rare pets in Roblox Adopt Me Urban Egg.
The Toy Poodle can learn up to six different tricks in Roblox Adopt Me.
  • Hatch chance: 20%
  • Pets: Indian Leopard, Toy Poodle

Ultra Rare Urban Egg pets

Ultra Rare pets in Roblox Adopt Me Urban Egg.
The Black Kite can also be obtained through trading.
  • Hatch chance: 16%
  • Pets: Alley Cat, Black Kite, Seagull

Legendary Urban Egg pets

Legendary pets in Roblox Adopt Me Urban Egg.
The Neon Gargoyle glows purple on its horns, eyebrows, teeth, wing webbings, tip of its tail, and feet.
  • Hatch chance: 4%
  • Pets: Billy Goat, Gargoyle

And with that, we wrap up our list of all the Urban Egg pets in Roblox Adopt Me. For more Roblox content, have a look at:

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