Where to find all Resident Evil 4 Remake Blue Medallions: Every Location

Blue medallion in resident evil 4 remake

While playing the Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will come across Blue Medallions, which players will have to find and destroy in order to complete a Request. If you’re struggling to find them, here’s our guide.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake doesn’t just have a lengthy story to complete, but players will also be spending time searching for loot and new weapons, solving puzzles, and also completing Requests for the Merchant.

Found on blue notice letters around the game’s map, players will come across Requests that sometimes ask them to destroy all of the Blue Medallions in a certain area. If you find yourself stuck on one of these, here’s our guide to all of their locations.

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leon in re4There are many Requests that Leon will encounter in Resident Evil 4.

Every Resident 4 Evil Blue Medallion location

There are a total of four different Blue Medallion Requests you’ll need to complete in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Keep in mind that picking up the Request will show you the location of them on your map. Here’s every Blue Medallion location for those struggling.

Resident Evil 4 Farm Blue Medallion locations

There are five Blue Medallions to be found in the Farm:

  • 1: Behind the small hut with the typewriter save point
  • 2: Hanging in the middle of the barn
  • 3: In one of the barn stalls
  • 4: In the window of the main farm building
  • 5: Behind the small Wayshrine structure

Resident Evil 4 Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion locations

Once again, there are a total of five Blue Medallions that players will need to find in the Quarry and Fish Farm:

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  • 1: At the top of the main quarry, this Blue Medallion can be found hanging from a rope along with a lantern
  • 2: Below the wooden walkway
  • 3: In the Fish Farm’s central hut
  • 4: To the right of the rampway on the wooden wall
  • 5: Under the pier
leon kennedy shooting zombies in resident evil 4There’s quite a few Medallions to be found in the Village.

Resident Evil 4 Castle Gate & Entrance Blue Medallion locations

The Castle Gate and Entrance areas have a total of six Blue Medallions:

  • 1: On a tree outside the castle walls
  • 2: Hanging off a structure in the center section that’s ruined
  • 3: In the archway of the tower structure with a green roof
  • 4: After the narrow walkway, off to the side
  • 5: Off the ledge where the cannon is, find this Medallion hanging from the celing
  • 6: After the cannon, follow the path to find the last Blue Medallion sitting above a breakable barrel

Resident Evil 4 Castle Grand Hall Blue Medallion locations

The final section for the Blue Medallion Requests is in the Grand Hall, here are their locations:

  • 1: Hanging in the archway before the main hall section
  • 2: Behind the statue of the Chimera
  • 3: On the chandelier
  • 4: In the back window, hanging between the curtains in the Dinning Hall section
  • 5: To the right of the armory, in the archway just before you drop down
  • 6: On a pillar in the Gallery

Well, there you have it, that’s all of the Blue Medallion locations in Resident Evil 4. Make sure you collect Spinels to purchase Treasure Maps from the Merchant to make things easier.

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Image Credits: Capcom