Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy skin leaked for Rainbow Six Siege

Liam Mackay
Leon kennedy Rainbow Six Siege

Following on from Rainbow Six Siege’s collaboration with the Resident Evil franchise in March, an upcoming Leon Kennedy skin has been leaked.

In March 2021, Rainbow Six Siege featured a collaboration event with Resident Evil. To mark the horror franchise’s 25th anniversary, Rainbow Six’s Zofia Operator received a new skin modeled after Jill Valentine, one of Resident Evil’s protagonists.

Now, as revealed in a recent leak, another one of Resi’s main characters, Leon Kennedy, is set to also be arriving in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 4

Rainbow Six Siege leaker killahtree uploaded a data-mined video of a Leon S. Kennedy skin for the game. Although in the Rainbow’s art style, the skin is instantly recognizable as the fan-favorite Resident Evil character.

It’s unclear whether Leon is an upcoming skin or a scrapped idea ahead of Jill’s arrival. However, with the roaring success of Resident Evil Village, it’s entirely possible that another collaboration is in the works at Ubisoft and Capcom.

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This leak also reveals that similar to Zofia’s Jill Valentine outfit, Leon Kennedy will be a style option for the very similarly named Attacking Operator Lion. This Operator uses his EE-ONE-D drone to detect enemy movement. It flies above the map and if any Defending Operator moves during this scan, their position will be revealed to the whole team.

The Resident Evil crossover isn’t the first to come to Rainbow Six Siege, with Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher and Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft also playable in the tactical shooter.

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Zofia Jill Valentine skin

It’s safe to assume that Leon will arrive in the store in a similar fashion to Jill Valentine. The Zofia Elite Skin costs 1,800 R6 Credits, which equals roughly $18 USD. And her skin hasn’t gone away, it can still be purchased by navigating to the Uniforms tab in the shop, selecting Elite, and scrolling down until you find it.

Also, check out everything we know about the upcoming Operation North Star, including the new Defending Operator, Thunderbird.

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Image Credit: Capcom / Ubisoft

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