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Resident Evil Village: How to make money fast guide & best tips

It’s essential that you make as much money as you can in Resident Evil Village. Our guide should help you with the best tips to do so.



resi 8 village the duke

Without cash, you can’t upgrade your weapons, leaving you vulnerable to progressively stronger enemies. Find out the best ways to earn cash in Resident Evil Village.

Finding new weapons in Resident Evil Village is not only a godsend as it can grant you more power to take down enemies, but it’s also a reminder to you that the game is going to get tougher. The reason you need better weapons is that bigger, badder, and stronger foes are going to cross your path.

So it’s imperative that you’re doing everything in your power to scrounge as much cash together to give to the Merchant. There’s no point in The Duke asking “What are ya buying?” if you’ve got nothing to buy with.

Our guide should aid you in your quest to hoard cash in Resident Evil Village and allow you to get through to the end of the game.

Easy ways to earn money in Resident Evil Village

1. Search everywhere and check everything

resident evil village kitchen

Resident Evil games notoriously hide things anywhere. Sneakily off-screen, in a dark corner, and in objects. You need to check the environment extensively to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Approach all objects and see if you can interact with them. Check below and above, and make sure you leave no stone unturned in your journey to uncover all the game’s open loot. Even if it’s just one lot of handgun ammo, that could be the difference between a boss dying and you dying.

2. See if something is breakable

resident evil village foyer

Following on from the point above, Capcom generally doesn’t always tell you if something is breakable. We’re well past the days of a box with a suspicious silhouette or color palette to tell us we can destroy it.

A melee weapon will be your best friend in this regard as you don’t need to waste ammo, and you can thoroughly examine the structural integrity of objects.

3. Kill enemies

resident evil village enemy

Pretty self-explanatory on this one, but if you see an enemy, kill it. If you’re not in the best position, health-wise or ammo-wise, to kill an enemy, then come back to them later if you can.

Entries such as Resi 4 and Resi 5 encouraged the slaughtering of deadly foes as they would drop ammo, treasure, money, and health. It’s not always a guarantee, but note that you can be rewarded for being diligent in your Lycan slaying.

4. Kill animals and sell their meat

resident evil village animal

Resident Evil Village’s new cooking system means that capturing some of the local livestock will help you cook a tasty meal and replenish your health.

But instead of turning them into a nutritious snack, you could instead turn them over and make a tidy profit to upgrade your gear. If you’re flying high and feel invincible, then maybe some extra cash wouldn’t be the worst option.

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Image Credits: Capcom