Resident Evil 9: Leaks & everything we know

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Resident Evil 9 will be the next installment for the franchise after Village, so let’s get into the details of everything we know about the future release so far.

After a successful remake of Resident Evil 4, fans of the survival franchise look on to the next RE release. While many contemplate a Resident Evil 5 remake, it seems the next installment will be a follow-up to Resident Evil 8 Village.

Resident Evil 8, or Village, culminated in a shocking ending, as well as introducing a DLC which allowed players to experience more of the story’s end as Rose.

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The end of Resident Evil Village and the Shadows of Rose DLC does give players a potential hint as to what Resident Evil 9 could be about, which is reportedly in development, so let’s get into the details.

Watch out! Resident Evil 8 spoilers are below, so if you still want to play the title, you’ve been warned.

Is there going to be a Resident Evil 9?

At the time of writing, Resident Evil 9 does not have a release date and Capcom haven’t actually confirmed that RE9 will happen.

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That said, rumors and speculation suggest that Resident Evil 9 has been in development since 2018, but reliable leaker Dusk Golem “cannot see it releasing before 2024.”

Could Rose be Resident Evil 9’s protagonist?

Resident Evil 9 story detail leaks

The ending of Resident Evil 8 and the Shadows of Rose DLC put an end to Ethan Winters, the protagonist of RE7 & RE8. While players may not get to see Ethan Winters again, his daughter Rose seemingly joins Chris Redfield’s “Hound Wold Squad,” which could indicate the events of RE9.

Perhaps Rose will be RE9’s playable character, showcasing some of her supernatural skills. However, it could also be Chris Redfield, as the end of RE8 informs players that the BSAA is using bio-weapons for their own benefit.

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According to leaks, the game’s working title is “Apocalypse,” and the plot will be based around the “ninth moon phase.” Further, leaks are suggesting that the game will take place in a “ghost town” in the west of America, and players will be faced with “deformed” creatures that have a mythological inspiration.

Keep in mind that these are all just leaks and speculation, so take it all with a pinch of salt as it could be false and Capcom may decide to change a lot of these details even if they are true.

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That’s all we know so far about Resident Evil 9. For more, make sure you check out our abundance of guides on the RE4 Remake:

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