Scarlet & Violet fans mock new DLC Pokemon that looks like an office staple remover

Lucas Simons
Archaludon, in The Indigo Disk DLC

Pokemon fans believe that Archaludon, Duraludon’s new evolution resembles a certain office tool, and now trainers are having a hard time not making a comparison between them.

The Pokemon Company recently teased some of the new Pokemon that are coming with the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC. One of them was Dipplin, the new form of Applin, and the other was Archaludon, Duraludon’s evolved form that fans say resembles a certain office tool.

It all began when ‘MiniMayo124’ took to Reddit and pointed out the odd comparison between Archaludon and an office staple remover. The reaction soon caught fire, as users all around the Pokemon community started to see the similarities.

As the saying goes: “once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee-it.” Now, fans are having a hard time seeing Archaludon as anything but a meme.

Another Reddit user stated that this weird Dragon/Steel Type Pokemon had an uncanny resemblance with other franchise’s iconic characters: “I thought it was some kind of Autobot bridge thing.”

One of the users even said: “mfw I used to play with my mom’s staple remover and pretend it was a monster thing I had tamed.” Now, it seems that their childhood fantasy might be close to becoming a reality.

Another user did well to remember Duraludon’s past roast, as people compared it to another mundane object: “Funny thing is, I remember people thinking Duraludon had elements of a Zippo lighter,” he stated, and then he added: “So in a way, it feels kind of fitting that Archaludon would have its own coincidental resemblance to another small metal utility object.”

Archaludon‘s legend as the office supply Pokemon has just begun, but in the meantime, fans are also cooking up other interesting theories, like a possible teaser for a Generation 5 remake, and all the Pokemon being included in the upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC.

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