Pokemon Unite tease mysterious new game mode leaving fans split

Lucas Simons
New Pokemon Unite game mode and map.

The official Pokemon Unite account has teased a new game mode on Twitter and surprised the game’s fans. According to the fans’ opinions and the design of the map, all signs point to a Single Team mode arriving in Pokemon Unite.

The official Twitter account for Pokemon Unite teased an image for a new game mode on July 12, and it has left a lot of room for speculation. This new Pokemon Unite mode could be a Single Team mode, or a Free for All battle mode.

For the moment, fans are a little confused about the design of the map. It showcases a single Spawning Platform and 3 lanes, with little space for off-lane PvE. Apparently, fans have speculated that they may get their first tower defense-like mode in Pokemon Unite soon.

According to the official Pokemon Unite source, the new game mode will be released on July 21, and more details about it will be announced soon. Meanwhile, fans’ opinions are a little mixed. Some fans are even disappointed, saying: “If it’s another quick battle, I’m not really interested.”

Pokemon Unite became popular quickly and it is approaching its second anniversary since its launch date back on July 21, 2021. So, it seems the devs chose this date to reveal a new game mode and probably, more Pokemon joining the already crowded roster.

The community is happy with the ratio of content released so far, and apparently, Pokemon Unite is planning something grand for its second anniversary.

The latest update on June 7 introduced Leafeon into the game, a Speedster melee type. Its ability kit quickly turned it into a must-have in every balanced team. So far, Pokemon Unite has five Eeveelutions available. It wouldn’t be strange to see Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon appearing soon.

We will keep you posted about new announcements. For more Pokemon content see:

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