Pokemon Sleep Autumn Treats Bundle: How to get free rewards

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Pokemon Sleep Autum Treats BundleThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep is the most recent app from the Pokemon franchise, and devs are sharing numerous rewards with recurrent players. The Autumn Treats Bundle is the currently active free reward pack, and here’s how you can get it in Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep is a game that allows you to catch Pokemon while you take a nap, or while you rest during the night. The game introduced interesting mechanics, including its recurrent Good Day Sleep event every full moon.

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Now, Pokemon Sleep announced that two new Autumn Bundles will be available in the in-game shop throughout October 2023. According to what’s been revealed, one of the Autumn Treats Bundle will be completely free for all players.

Here’s how you can claim your Autumn Treats Bundle free rewards in Pokemon Sleep.

How to claim Autumn Treats Bundle rewards in Pokemon Sleep

Players need to log in to Pokemon Sleep in order to claim their free Autumn Treats Bundle rewards from October 9, until October 31, 2023.

The Autumn Treats Bundles will be available each day in the in-game shop. One of them, The Autumn Treats Bundle Vol.1 S, will be free to claim each day.

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The other package is the Autumn Treats Bundle Vol. 1 M, which requires you to spend 100 Diamonds to claim it.

The Autumn Treats Bundle Vol. 1 S contains:

  • 2x Ingredient Ticket S
  • 2x Poke Biscuit

The Autumn Treats Bundle Vol. 1 M contains:

  • 1x Ingredient Ticket M
  • 1x Great Biscuit
Ingredients Pokemon SleepThe Pokemon Company
You can use Ingredients to cook several recipes to boost your chances of getting certain Pokemon.

An Ingredient Ticket rewards you with several ingredients. You can get 10 ingredients with an Ingredient Ticket S, and an Ingredient Ticket M will yield a total of 30 ingredients for your recipes.

Keep in mind that Pokemon Sleep players can only claim the free rewards from the Autumn Treats Bundle Vol. 1 S once per day, while the ones from Autumn Treats Bundle Vol. 1 M can be purchased without limits.

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That’s all you need to know to get the Autumn Treats Bundle Pokemon Sleep rewards for free. For more Pokemon content and guides, you can also check out our other articles:

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