Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players split over next mainline game gimmick

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The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Terastallize mechanic seems to have arrived to stay, but, as many players know, Game Freak has a history of throwing new gimmicks for the game on each generation. This is what the players have been debating about the future of the franchise.

By now, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are quite comfortable with the Terastallize mechanic. However, fans of the Pokemon franchise are also aware that gimmicks don’t have a history of staying for too long.

It is also known that Game Freak proposes new mechanics for each of the games they have released since Gen 2 games hit the market back in 1999, and now, with Pokemon Day coming soon, players are debating which new gimmicks could be potentially good for the future of Pokemon.

Here’s what the player community has been debating about new possible gimmicks, and why the Terastallize should stay for longer in the games.

This post was shared by Reddit user ‘Colgate-paste’ in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit, and it immediately sparked a heated discussion about the mechanics the game should incorporate in the future and which should stay forever.

“Controversial, but I personally think terastallization is brilliant and should be developed further in the next game, but if Gamefreak insists on changing it again, what would you like to see happen?”

The OP also exposed how this could be improved: “One idea I had was to have a power-up based on Natures: the player activates the gimmick and the Pokemon’s nature-boosted stat is doubled instantly, whilst the reduced stat is halved.”

Of course, Pokemon trainers are always up to the challenge, even if said challenge is a debate about the game’s current mechanics. One of them commented that they wished Z-moves could make a comeback: “I think Tera-powered Strong style Z-max inferno Overdrive to give Z-moves some love in this.”

Other players referred to Strong and Fast styles introduced with Pokemon Legend Arceus, and their eagerness to see them returning in future iterations of the franchise. Others also stated that they would love to see the Gigantamax gimmick combined with the Terastallize phenomenon.

Others believe Game Freak should mix all in one: “The only gimmick I want in the next game is the ability to Terastallize my Gigantamax Mega Charizard X to launch a tera-powered Strong Style Inferno Overdrive at whatever the next regional bird is on Route 1.”

We will have to wait and see for ourselves what plans Game Freak have for the next Pokemon game. In the meantime, the second wave of Mightiest Blaziken Tera Raid battles is coming, and trainers should also look up to this guide explaining Pecharunt’s Origin Story.

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