Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get Life Orb

Luca Di Marzo
Life Orb Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet can hold items and very few are as useful as the Life Orb that players can find in Paldea. Here’s how to get the Life Orb item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

While using the strongest Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet will make defeating the Elite Four a lot easier, you won’t want to skip out on using held items for an even greater advantage. With powerful held items like Leftovers, the three main story paths in Scarlet and Violet will prove a simple task.

Finding the Life Orb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is highly recommended for those who wish to tackle the Ranked Battle Stadium. Life Orb has been used in competitive Pokemon play for years, so here’s what it does and where to find it in Scarlet and Violet.

Where to find Life Orb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Life Orb location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Trainers in Scarlet and Violet can find a free Life Orb in an Item Ball at Casseroya Lake. You’ll find it near the coast of the western island circled in the image above. This is the one and only Life Orb that players can find in the wild.

Alternatively, you can also purchase additional Life Orbs at Mesagoza’s Delibird Presents shop. If you want to have multiple Pokemon hold the Life Orb you can buy extra ones for 50,000 currency.

However, you can only purchase the Life Orb once the end credits roll after beating Scarlet and Violet.

What is Life Orb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Life Orb item Pokemon Scarlet Violet

The Life Orb in Scarlet and Violet will boost the power of the holder’s damaging moves, but the holder will lose a small amount of HP after each attack it completes successfully.

Life Orb specifically boosts the move’s power by 30%. Of course, the tradeoff is that it will take 10% of that Pokemon’s max HP.

Fast Pokemon with high attacking stats should excel with the Life Orb. These sweeper-like Pokemon will cause maximum damage in a short amount of time.

This held item is the perfect alternative to Choice Specs and Choice Band as it will increase the power of your moves, but it won’t lock you into a specific move. It’ll be up to the Trainer to decide whether the tradeoff of their Pokemon’s HP is worth it in certain situations

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Image Credit: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company