Pokemon Go players warn against evolving on Community Day

Lucas Simons
Shadow Pokemon & Dratini

Trainers are always asking the Pokemon Go community for tips on how to build their teams. And here’s what the community said about waiting to evolve Shadow Pokemon on Community Days.

Pokemon Go players are always looking for the strongest Pokemon to add to their teams, and while there’s a considerable amount of information lying around, some players are still having doubts about the best way to handle Shadow Pokemon.

Having Shadow Pokemon in your team can be both an advantage and also, a source of many questions for inexperienced players. The main advantage a Shadow Pokemon has over regular ones is an increased attack score. But, on the other hand, Shadow Pokemon cannot learn new Charged Moves, except ‘Frustration.’

This Reddit user shared a post and asked the other players for some advice on how to proceed with its most recent catch: A Shadow Dratini, and if it would be worth evolving it on a Community Day.

The Pokemon Go community quickly responded to this player’s question by stating that it wouldn’t be worth waiting for the Community Day to evolve this Pokemon.

One of them also expressed: “It’s com day move sucks anyways, just tm during the next event & evolve whenever.” And another player also said: “I wouldn’t worry about the comm day move Draco meteor as it isn’t one of the better Charged Moves for either PvP nor PvE. I have Dragon claw and Superpower on my dragonites.”

Evolving Pokemon during its Community Day often awards trainers with a Legacy Move for the final evolution stage of the species. Like Dragonite, in this case, could learn Draco Meteor during the Dratini Community Day.

So there you have it. If you find yourself in the same position as this player, and having doubts about evolving your Shadow Dratini, then just go ahead and get your Shadow Dragonite, as it is not worth the wait.

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