Pokemon Go players share simple tips to easily beat Giovanni’s Shadow Kyogre

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go team rocket boss giovanni shadow kyogre

Team Go Rocket boss Giovanni is back in Pokemon Go and this time, he has one of his most powerful Pokemon ever, Shadow Kyogre. Several players have revealed some handy tips to get the formidable Water-type Legendary without much effort.

Pokemon Go players get the opportunity to catch Shadow versions of Legendaries by facing Giovanni, the Team Go Rocket boss. Shadow Pokemon deal 20% more damage than regular Mons, at the cost of some bulk, making them an asset for PvE battles.

This time, Giovanni has perhaps the strongest species since Shadow Mewtwo, the Gen 3 Legendary, Shadow Kyogre. With monstrous DPS (Damage Per Second), this Pokemon is a must-have for trainers.

While beating Giovanni is tough, a few fans have unveiled some quick battling tricks and counters to get through the challenging bout easily, in response to a Reddit post by user ‘SSBGOGETA66’ titled: “Shadow Kyogre PSA + Tips to beat Giovanni.”

In the post, the OP highlighted how meta-relevant Shadow Kyogre is, while also showing its best counters and their moveset.

After thanking the OP for the helpful post, Pokemon Go players explained the strategies they used to beat Giovanni’s team, particularly, Shadow Kyogre.

One user mentioned how they took down Shadow Kyogre without even giving the Legendary a chance to attack: “I was able to devastate Kyogre with my 2200 CP Sceptile just because it never got to attack. It was always ‘stunned’ after Leaf Blade just long enough to get off another Leaf Blade.”

To this, others said: “Spams are what you want,” referring to fast-charging moves that do not give Shadow opponents a chance to get to their next attack.

For Giovanni sets that have Rhyperior, a user wrote: “Lucario tore through the first two mons before having to fight Kyogre. I went with Xurkitree for my third and that one got the job done.” Needless to say, an Ice-type or Togekiss is apt for Garchomp in the middle.

Grass-types seem to be the most popular choice to quickly finish off Kyogre as a fan stated their strategy: “I used Shiftry with Snarl and Leaf Blade worked very well against Kyogre. 3 Snarl hits then used Leaf Blade. Kyogre didn’t stand a chance.”

“I took 70% hp from his Kyogre via Frenzy Plant and finished it off with Razor Leaf,” wrote another who used Decidueye, while Electric-types like Zekrom that single-resist Water-type attacks, seemed to also be popular, as long as Kyogre doesn’t use Blizzard.

If you’re eager to face Giovanni and get Shadow Kyogre in Pokemon Go, here’s how to beat Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff, and then get to the Team Go Rocket boss.

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